Monday, December 17, 2012


Taken November 15, 2012.

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  1. At times like these, I'm quite jealous of the dogs' talent for joy.

  2. Almost forgot ... that cover is way cool, Larry.

  3. I need joy today. My debit card was compromised over the weekend (thank goodness my bank caught it). My friend's dad is in hospital with possible heart issues.

    Can I have a do over? :(

  4. Glad your bank caught the debit card problem, Maria.

    Larry, that is a cover beyond cool. It's so cool, it's frozen.

  5. AFter the hockey game, with two other ppl's kids in the car, one of which is severely disabled, my car's clutch or transmission crapped out. Barely made it home. But we did. Had to take the bus to get a rental car. Kia Rio. Looks like a Prius. One thing after another.

    Teddy Bear Toss was a hoot. We won. Wes' boss gave him a North End rain pull over that has Winterhawk's staff logo on it. And the crew asked if me if they could move forward with going on stubb hub or craigs and get him two Taylor Swift tickets. They're "sold out". We didn't get a chance as they were gone in an hour. So that will be a wonderful surprise for Wesley from his guys.

    Wayne should be coming home tomorrow. But the flight plan gives him only 45 mins to change plans in DC. Yeah... right. Customs and "homeland gestapo security" all in 45 mins?

    Watch, this country will be "tired of talking about the shooting in CT" by... this Friday. It will be taboo topic. Had some moments of silences, did the death porn about the autopsy stuff and then Americans will be done with it. As usual.

    What kills me is that people on Kos were saying "now is not the time", "we cant be seen as politicizing their deaths" and then blammo they're positng diaries about how many bullets chewed up the little kid's bodies. To me that is death porn. I'm taking a long break from that place.

    No questioning drones, torture or spying only cheerleading going on there. And now the whole RKBA crowd is being "offended". Stupid.

    Not sure we're going to put up lights... just doesn't feel right anymore.

    Wayne has been talking more and more about leaving the US of Guns. But he's been afar during this and has been mostly dealing with sanity and reality. Other people really don't like Americans. And it's not due to our "freedumbs". They see us as ignorant, violent, wasteful and delusional. And that's just the stuff you hear from the smart crowd. You wouldn't believe what working class drunk people say about the shootings or the guns people here in the states. Trust me... you don't want to know.

    Wayne's dealt with these shootings from abroad, unable to hug his children and not at all a gun defender. But he's had to bear some of the brunt and be asked questions by head engineers from Ireland and London.

    Very sad. Not just about guns and mass shootings but are national denial on so many topics. Healthcare, our own drinking water!, education, need for big ass cars... I've never known Wayne to really be so angry with America. He seriously wants to leave. 20 children dead. "Another School Shooting".

  6. And the masked dog trots off into the sunset… which you can't see for all the trees, of course.

    I spent most of the weekend offline. After (mostly) fixing the sunroof on my car, I helped with outdoor Xmas lights. Yesterday, I changed my oil. So my car's a little happier. I read a lot, too.

    Oh, and the choir had the Christmas cantata yesterday afternoon. We survived. It helped that the director rounded up some little kids to play the bells to accompany the songs that we had the most trouble with. Mason wanted to get up there with them… maybe next year. He's feeling better, his appetite's coming back.

    Janet, that was cool with Wes! He'll be freaking out when he gets the tix, I bet. ;-) Sucks about the car, sounds like yours has a well-calibrated critical detector, though.

    Well, back to the mimes I guess. The Boy is coming in this weekend, so the upcoming 3-day work week won't be as relaxing as I'd like. :-P Amazing how he's got $$ for low-profile wheels & a new tat, but not for repaying all the moolah he owes us. Oh well. Later!

  7. I always went to the Teddy Bear Toss game in Spokane - loved seeing all the adults walking into the arena carrying bears. :)

    Yeah, I've got a cousin like that, LK. Owes me thousands he can't repay, but seems to find money for all others kinds of fun stuff. As Maria would say, le sigh. Speaking of which, sorry about your card, Maria, but glad they caught it. Tis the season, huh?

    Wishing all of us could walk in andi and jim's woods today and think of happy things....

  8. Up. That's the way the corners of my mouth went when I say the photo. => :)