Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trip The Light Fantastic

All photos taken November 9, 2012.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Morning all. Hope today is much better for everyone.

  2. Got word last night that Wayne won't be home for Wes' big Teddy Bear Toss hockey game that he'll be on the ice working. Imagine picking up 20 to 25 thousand teddy bears tossed onto the ice after the first home goal for local charity. Like children's hospital and for domestic violence response teams.

    I'm so saddened by this delay. Another delay of many but we had hoped it wouldn't go pass this Friday.

    Kids are really missing him and I've only been able to speak to him once in these three weeks. Only can IM him. No, don't have skype...

    Just bummed out. Numbed out. Don't even have lights up which pisses me off because I wanted him to do that before he left.

    Thankfully it's my "Friday". Thanks for all the good vibes. Been a crappy week.

    ****Jen****** I thought my city had more humanity. I was wrong. Or maybe it's just the time of year. I'm really starting to hate xmas. I think it mostly brings out the worst in people. Don't talk to be about it's a time of charity :) this family does charity all year long. Hell every week someone in this house, at least two of us, is doing charitable stuff.

    I don't want to finish the shopping. I really don't.

  3. Odd. My last sentence I had to fix a typo. "I don't want to finish the shooting"...

  4. Stopping in give big hugs to Janet (((((Janet))))).

  5. Damn.

    That light is amazing.

    I can't express how much I love that top photo.

  6. The darker leaves in the top photos look so Hitchcockian. One, Wes noted, looks like a little horse has landed on the tree. To the left you might even see him.

    Came home an hour early as Wes was having a tough time assimilating things. He's quite bummed. But we got some Rama Thai take out and two movies. And a lot of talking.