Saturday, December 15, 2012

To The Ends of Color

Taken November 10, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. I wish I could put a "good" in front of that. Maybe in a few days I will be able to again but not today.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, andi. Nice to take a moment and appreciate something beautiful and peaceful, in the midst of all of this insanity. Makes me want to pitch a tent in your woods and never come out.

    Hug those you love today, folks.

  3. I second both Beth and Andi. It is good to see something lovely today.

  4. Let us hug our loved ones. I'm waiting for something like that to happen here… we have no lack of firearms and nutbars to wield them.

    I managed to mostly fix the sunroof on my car. The arms that hold the glass were uneven, and I got them straightened out. It doesn't quite sit all the way down, but its much better than before. It rained *after* I got the glass put back on, too. :-) just need to change the oil & I'll be good to go.

    Hope everyone manages to cope. If the NRA's puppets in Congress hadn't gutted the mental health system, we wouldn't see as many of these situations. Average of 2 a year for the last 30 years? WTF?

  5. My son is 20 and autistic. This is not about autism. This is about GUNS and the VIOLENCE in this messed up country. Will you please share this on any social media you are on.

    “Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder are NOT predisposed to violent or criminal behavior. Research does not back up the violent Asperger's offender theory, and studied offenders with AS usually had co-morbid mental health issues and/or additional commonly recognized risk factors. More evidence suggests children with Asperger's syndrome are victims rather than victimizers.

    Please do not blame Adam Lanza's actions on Asperger's, or label the non-neurotypical population based on this tragedy. It is bad enough the number of times I've seen "Aspie" used as an insult in the past couple weeks in article or page comments. I won't tolerate my sons' uniqueness disrespected and misrepresented further.”

    I am so heartsick today. I want to move out of the country. To a place where my children can go to a mall and go to school. They had metal detectors at the hockey game last night. We all just kinda sat there. Long moment of silence for Portland and Newtown victims. It's just awful. I went to the game because Wes' worked it. I didn't want him on the train. His crew of young guys coudln't believe the news was blaming this on autism. Hoping they are the majority of folks. But I doubt it.

  6. They're blaming it on autism? I'm incensed. I did wonder from the description of the young man whether he might be on the Autistic Syndrome but as you say, Janet, that's nothing to do with violence. My younger daughter has two gorgeous little boys, one has mild aspergers and the other is autistic with PDA features (pathological demand avoidance syndrome). They're sweet and anxious, exceptionally intelligent and not violent at all, and nor are any of the autistic people I know.
    I've just read that in the UK (where gun control is stringent though there are always people who know where to get them) our rate of deaths by gunshot is 50 times lower than the US - I don't want to get into your national argument but surely this is significant?

  7. America's new boogieman. The Aspie.

    It is sick. No argument, just trying to figure this out. It's been a brutal few days. I'm tired of the term, "another mass shooting".

    Point to the 'strange' kid in the back of the class and not the gun worshpping bs in this country.

    Been trying to explain this to Wesley.

    He can't get a drivers license in Oregon, but he could purchase a gun legally. SICK!

  8. Since we all know the NRA is just a lobby for terrorist sympathizers and supporters of mass shootings, than lets get to the next branch of arsenal owners. Hunters.

    "Hunters" need to find another hobby. Hunting in this country usually involves a big truck, lots of beer and a bubbas shooting off arsenals and turning small deer into pink mist.

    Hunter's rights are not worth my kids' rights to be free of mass shootings.

    As if "killing" is such a "sporting" thing to do as a hobby. Let's face it, you don't shoot for food for your family with an arsenal or a handgun. If you can't do that with a crossbow... then go vegetarian.

    Hunters can find another hobby or change their diets. We can't find another child.

  9. Yeah, autism or Asperger's sufferers are among the last I'd expect to be involved in a situation like that. What I'd heard was that the shooter had a history of mental issues and violent behavior; if I'd been asked to put a specific label on that guy, it might have been paranoia. Not autism or Asperger's.

  10. I'm so sorry, Janet. I hate the way people toss around labels or make up self-serving excuses (like "it's a lack of prayer in the schools") as a way to avoid having to deal with the real issues.

  11. My personal theory is that God Himself struck down compulsory school prayer. "Stop taking My name in vain in your segregated schools. Oh, and by the way, you don't get to segregate them anymore, either." The Bill of Rights preserves the right to individual prayer (or student-organized prayer circles. So anyone saying "school prayer is abolished" is bearing false witness. Just another day for CONservatives.

    On a lighter note, I have a cover for Accidental Sorcerers. I'm doing an official reveal this week, but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek!

  12. Larry, I gave math tests. I know there was prayer in schools.