Thursday, December 6, 2012

Slightly Iced

Taken November 4 and 5, 2012
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  1. Everything went fine with Mom at the doctor's.

    Hiya Beth. Hope you get all your holiday "chores" taken care of soon. Hannukah is early this year so I didn't have any choice.

    Your crew sounds like they are wonderful to be around, Jen. As does watching Torchwood -- and steamy air while Captain Jack is perfect.

    Looking forward to those beach pics, Larry. Good luck with the cover art.

    Stay lively, Janet; we don't want you going over to the wrong side. ;)

    I've always liked rain, Dina, and I don't even mind going out in it ... as long as it isn't a sideways rain.

    We're going to warm up for the weekend too, Maria. And there's a good chance of rain everyday until Tuesday.

    Make me a mint julep, Candis? :)

  2. Another gorgeous, but cold day in the nation's capital. I'm actually fine with that. ::g::

    Love the ice frosty photos, Andi - they look like a confectioner's delight.

    Hoping for a productive & fast mime day.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Gorgeous icy leaves! So good to hear that Mom's appointment went well.

    I'm not allowed to say it in public, but privately I believe that the best cats in the entire universe live in my house. ;)

    Janet, have you been watching The Walking Dead? I'm a couple episodes behind, but holy moly the zombiepocalypse has been brutal this season. (If you've not seen it, the first season is pretty good -- but for the standard white-boy-in-charge issues with women characters and with race; the second season was so slow I actually started rooting for the zombies; the third season picks up again and is running now.)

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos!

    Jen, I've only finished season 2. I can't stand the Sheriff's wife. Only person I like is Glen - the young guy is THE story for me. Only one I'd want on my zombie team. My daughter's bf tells us that ssn 3 gets so much better. I have the book "The Governor" to read but have to wait due to spoilers of ssn 3. The cast really go against anything we "know" of zombies. For one, they don't realize that all their shooting attracts the hoards, camping out won't provide any true shelter from zombies and when you kill them, try not to get their blood all over you. No wonder they're all infected.

    As a mother of a disabled young man and as a freaking human being... I can't believe how low the Rapepublicans will go. May Karma hand them their due. Absolutely pathetic what they did yesterday. May they rot in their own filth. Hitler would be so impressed with the Tea Party and the Rapepublicans. Yeah, I went there.

    Thank dog it's my Friday as I need to recoup big time. I'm just in shock at what this country voted against. The entire world now knows that we wouldn't sign on to help maintain basic rights to the disabled. No excuse. None.

  5. Andi, I love the colour and texture and the lines in the bottom right. :D