Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Screening the Light

Taken November 11, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all.

    Bummer on the debit card, Maria, but glad you didn't lose any money. Hope your friend's dad is better soon.

    I can empathize with Wayne, Janet. I was out of town for work (in Portland in fact) on 9/11 and it was awful being away from home.

    Hi right back, Dina.

    ... which you can't see, Larry, because it's not even 9 a.m. ;)

    Guess you'll just have to pretend there are trees on the beach, Beth, and when you wiggle your toes in the sand, you can pretend those are leaves.

    It makes the dogs smile to know they made you smile, Candis.

  2. There are trees on the beach, just not the same kinds of trees. :) I have to go out shopping today, pity me.

  3. Lovely light there. Jen, I do, I do, and I empathize because I need to do it too. Hugs and love to all is it seems extra important to spread those around right now.

  4. Ditto, Kelly. Definitely the best reaction to all of this is to just love those you do, more.

  5. Looks like a nice place to bring in a sunrise!

    Andi, I'm working up the ack' page for Accidental Sorcerers. As you took the photo that got the thing started, you're in it… would you prefer your name spelled out, AndiF, or some other rendering?