Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rising with Intensity

Taken November 19, 2012.

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  1. Survived shopping with Mom and even got her boots at the first place we went. Hope everybody else's day had its moments of success.

  2. ooh, wow - nifty clouds!

    Glad you survived the mom shopping, Andi.

    Up early to take Phil in for his environmental protection coating. Place opens up at 7. ::yawn::

    Then, another day at the mimes. I'm sure wishing I had Monday off, like so many others do.

  3. Andi went booting :)

    I got Danni some warm, winterproof boots for xmas also.

    Good to have Wayne home. Shopping around to see about if he can fix the Honda. Or if it's even worth it. I'm shopping for a car. I really like the Kia Rio that I'm renting this week. They're around $15K or less if used. Just need to be able to get two racks on it for the kayaks. Wish it was a hybrid. But those are $45K.

    Off to do my Friday.

  4. Ultra purple! Good to hear you got your mom properly rebooted.

    Candis, I finally emailed you back.

    Janet, I want a hybrid that's out of my price range too. ;-)

    A rainy rainy day on Planet Georgia. Not much else going on.