Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pin Oak Hangs On

Taken November 6, 2012.

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  1. A good hump day to you all.

    Janet, I'm so sorry your wonderfully imaginative story was overtaken by a horribly real one.

  2. Morning!

    Jim, yup, the ice dragon kicked it off. The entire story (or the first entire story, anyway) is going to launch next month. Can't wait to share the cover.

    Janet, I'm so glad you're OK. Of course, DKos was the first place I found with any details about what happened. Of course, the standard con-job response to "fcuk guns" is going to be "this wouldn't have happened if everyone was armed." [No, there would be 20 dead from the circular firing squad effect.] Keep us posted?

  3. Gorgeous!!

    Janet - I heard about that last night - soooo sad. :(

    I am contemplating a major change in my work schedule - going to 3 days a week instead of 4. That will seriously impact my pay (duh), but, I think, if I'm frugal, I can do it. I still get to keep my health insurance, which is one of the major factors in the consideration.

    Everyone have a fabulous day!

  4. Janet - so glad you are OK. When will we learn!

    Maria, I hope that it can work for you.

    Love this picture. Makes for a happy start to the day.

  5. My daughters friend works at Macy's. Entire mall and outer shops are closed today. I have to admit, I shop at Macys. Seeing the footage this morning is just eerie. They say it was a young kid. With a hockey mask.

    Already there are comments about how if only we had had a Wile West Shooting Spree with every armed that he would have been killed sooner when his assault rifle jammed. Yeah, like we need more freaking guns.... I wish this country could have a legitimate discussion about the craziness of assault weapons. People don't need those for "hunting". The Palin types who say it's their freedumb to carry a gun that can kill hundreds of deer (people) in a minute... can all drop dead. This country would be better off without them and their guns.

    Seeing the interview of Santa just was heartbreaking... I'm part sad and part angry and part gawking.

    I'm so sorry this happened in my city. I'm so sorry for all the mall workers who have to go to work today after this.

    My store is right outside a mall. We're not connected but we are a stopping point for shoppers as we have a major deli. At first the reports were that there was another shooting to take place at Washington Square Mall which is the one up the street from my house that my daughter hangs out at and her frinds all work at.

    People won't learn. This country THINKS it's all about God, Guns and Guts. They are dead wrong.

    I need to get ready for work.

  6. Janet, I was so worried about you, I am so glad to see you check in.

    It is astonishing to me that so many Johnny Cowboys act like it's possible to know which direction to aim amidst the chaotic conditions of a mall shooting with even a presumptive lone shooter, let alone a context in which a couple dozen of your fellow armed bystanders also immediately draw their weapons. I'd say it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard but the election season is still too fresh.

  7. My husband has been trained to do such things. He was 3rd Platoon. They played games with the Navy Seals. Ohtay. Even he says he doesn't think he could respond well under those situations. And he's a highly skilled, calm dude with some serious combat and hockey skills.

    I can't tell you of all the stupid siht I heard today. But the crazy thing was... it was just business as freaking usual. Imgaine... Not one person asked any of us workers if we had loved ones affected, how we felt. No one cared. At. All. Consumer time....

    The one lone nice cop in this area who comes through my line = came through today. He worked the scene last night and we were talking about it. This thing disguised as a person interrupted and said she felt so sorry for all those stores who would be losing business today. "Think of all the money they are losing". (The mall and surrounding stores were closed today) The cop, out of uniform looked at her and said, "You're fcuking pathetic".


    Danni's friends came and got her and they all went to a friends house to hang out and to "chillax" because most of them work at Wa. Sq. Mall and know many of the other kids who work at Clack. They needed some down time. They spent all night worried about their friends and co-workers.

    thanks for all the good vibes guys! xoxo

  8. But the crazy thing was... it was just business as freaking usual.

    Fwiw, THIS was why I left Miami. I think that, in large part, it's just a coping/defense mechanism for people who live in big cities -- if you break down after every tragedy, eventually you're just gonna stay broke down all the time because there are too many -- but I didn't want any part of it.

    I grew up in Miami, spent nearly 25 years there, was repeatedly the victim of/witness to fairly major crimes, and I kept finding myself adjusting to the violence. One day I'd intended to go grocery shopping and I was delayed in the parking lot by a brutal crime. Yep, "delayed in the parking lot". I mean, I didn't walk on by, I helped the victim, and my girlfriend chased down the monster who hurt her, but after we did our civic duty and gave statements to the cops, we went grocery shopping. My ability to function well enough to meal-plan, choose produce, and buy chicken shocked me.

    I realized that if I stayed in that city, an important part of my humanity was going to shut down, or worse, die off. I had been wanting to move for a while, never intended to stay there for my entire life, but that incident was the jolt that precipitated my leaving. Less than two years later I was in Flagstaff, it's been 18 years since I left, and I've never been back to Miami.