Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nicely Iced

Taken November 1, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Off to Indy today to go with my Mom to a follow-up appointment for her Thanksgiving hospital adventure.

    Enjoy the nice weather, Maria. Ours ended with a 25 temp drop and a rainy day.

    Ooh, Jen, Gizzy is too cute. And Bebo does smile when she's running around but when she's still she always looks a bit worried and a little sad.

    Howdy, Dina.

    Thanks Candis for both the compliment and the concern. And yes I am a lot better.

  2. Morning! Hope all goes well with your mom, andi. And boo for drastic temp drops, although I love love love a rainy day. Guess I should have moved to Oregon! Although I can't complain about sunny and mid-70's, which seems to be our norm right now. Perfect vaca weathr for Larry!

    Hope Phil comes home soon, Maria.

    Nothing exciting in this part of the world - just plugging along with work, and trying to get my brain wrapped around the need to get in holiday gear pretty darned quick, before it's over.

    Happy Hump Day, y'all!

  3. Gizzy, like Blue, is 100% sweetheart darlin'. Billyjack is a jumbo-sized goofball, and if Duckie were a person she'd be a felon, lol.

    Andi, I hope everything goes well for your Mom. Be careful driving in case there are icy patches with the rain and cold.

    Yeah, I'm with you, Beth, I love a rainy day/night every bit as much as Eddie Rabbitt ever did. I'd love to move somewhere like Portland, or pretty much anywhere in Ireland or Wales.

    We had a whole-house humidifier installed yesterday because the winter dryness is making my hands and lips bleed, and the static is rough on the cats. Maybe I'll go crank it all the way up and put on season one of Torchwood, heh.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  4. Love the frosty leaf!

    There has been much beach so far, and much warm. Girlies are going to some musical thing tonight, which means I'll be entertaining Mason somehow. Beach pix will hit the blawg shortly.

    Jen, in my teen years, we had a humidifier for winters when we lived in Michigan. And a DEhumidifier in the basement for the rest of the year. Since I was the one on the hook to empty the dehumidifier bucket (of course), I got smart and rigged a dryer hose to run into the sump. Problem solved, except the time the sump pump motor burned out. Dad had to act quickly. :-P

    Doing cover art is a b***ard. Placing the text here looks better than there, but eff all if I know why.

  5. Come to Portland, Jen!!! It's got... ME :)

    Been stormin' here. Lots of rainfall. Lots.

    Have early shifts next two days at the mimes. But still wasted tired. The Working Dead(?)

    Take care ((((Andi))))

  6. I love a rainy day as long as I can decide if and when I go out. Same for snow.

    Hope the beautiful weather continues for Larry's vacation. Andi, I hope the trip is easy on you and your mother.

    Happy hump day!

  7. Hola, all!

    Andi, we're getting the light version of the cool-down - about 50 or do today, a bit cooler tomorrow, but warming for the weekend.

    Spent lunch building on my Hogwarts LEGO set (craft group lunch) - almost there! Only 3 sections to do before it's complete.

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Makes me think of minty ice-cold drinks of some sort. :)

    Hope things went well today!