Friday, December 7, 2012

Lightly Iced

Frosty morning taken November 4, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Not a bit of frost here now or for the next few days as we have rain forecast today and through the weekend. Hope everybody has a good weekend, rain or shine.

  2. A wee bit of Middle Earth? :)

    Still chilly with a bit of rain in the forecast. So glad it's Friday. Miming today & then home to rest up for the weekend. Story of my life these days!

    Happy Weekend, all!

  3. Send the rain this way, if you have extra! Sliding into the weekend. Drove a couple of hours north to St Simons Island, GA to hear a friend play music last night. What a gorgeous place! Definitely have to go back in the daytime. And beautiful music. And my Broncos won!

    This weekend there's wine pouring, lighted boat parade, drinks with friends, and football. Oh yeah, and work in between. Ramping up for the holidays! But now, back to work.

    Thanks for the fallish, winterish, Hobbitish pics, andi. I hope everyone has a great day, and a relaxing weekend ahead.

  4. Yesterday's frosty leaves looked edible. :)

    Danni and I are going to meet Wesley at the hockey game tonight. Taking Danni to Paddy's for fish and chips. We miss Wayne very much...

    Stayed up too late watching One Step Beyond oldies. Great story writing in those.

    Finally watched Burton's Dark Shadows flick with Johnny Depp. I love Tim Burton. But... I'm tired of Tim Burton. Same everything in all his films. Same actors. Same lighting. Same scenery. It's like has to be a stereotype of himself. Couldn't distinguish much from the flick we saw just a few nights before, Nightmare Before Christmas, with this one.

    In last night's film, there were 3 women out of four, different ages but they all looked the same and even sounded the same. I used to think he was creative but now after all this time I'm realizing he's remaking the same film over and over and over... Yes, I understand he makes the movies with Depp and Bonham-Carter in mind but... I finally saw Burton through my son's eyes. Old, boring and all the same.

    Last night a friend of mine finally became "OLD". They said:
    They didn't understand today's music.
    They think today's music all sounds the same.
    None of today's musician's have any talent.
    They don't understand the crap on the radio.

    My daughter replied that only old farts listen to the radio. :) Most of it's just pop crap. That it's not a true pulse of music anymore.

    Gary Bettman and the NHL owners can all rot in hell. So can Ron Robinson of the WHL/CHL.

  5. BTW, this photograph is hypnotic. It keeps calling me back to it.

    It looks like a painting. Lovely!