Friday, December 28, 2012

Frost Flower Friday

Frost flowers taken November 14, 2012.
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  1. Good news -- I got a call from Whit/Family Man. He is settled in a new apartment (following the fire that destroyed his trailer). George is living with his sister but he goes over to see him nearly everyday.

  2. Great news, Andi. Glad he's well.

    Cold today, but thank goodness no gale force winds. I'm off in about an hour or so to take Kit to the vet. Then, it's lazy days, baybee, for FIVE days. I'm off work until Wednesday. Wheeeee.

    Hope you are all warm, cozy and safe!

  3. Great news, Andi.

    Maria, I hope Kit is good and enjoy the five days.

    As always, I love the frost flowers. A great way to celebrate Friday!

  4. Frost Flower Taffy should be sold at all hockey games :)

    Last night, I bought a lovely, locally made candle and lit it for my Mom's birthday. Then I sorta broke down. Had a good, hard cry. Then couldn't stop. Finally did, obviously. My cat, Dylan, came up and chirped at me and gave me a good snuggling. He's so empathetic. Not only are we unable to destress after the holidays or spend time with loved ones, or heal after illnesses/injuries, we can't even sufficiently grieve nowadays.

    Since Wayne's trip to Ireland and the recent tragedies, I've really become quite unenamored with this country. Might just be exhaustion typing today but I don't think I have what it "takes" to live here. I keep coming up with the conversation Wayne shared with me that the Irish said about Americans, "Ignorant, Violent and Wasteful." I see it every day. It's not like one can turn a blind eye to all of this and even remotely maintain the notion of American Exceptionalism crap. It's not just the gun violence for me or the batsiht crazy religious stuff ... nor the divisive politics. I'm just sick of Americans lack of empathy and tolerance.

    Some neighgors agree that our Baptist neighbors up the street with the flagpole .... they are really becoming extremely "creepy". I hope to "god" they don't have guns. Seriously.

    (((Family Man)))) But I feel so sad that he can't have George with him. Doesn't seem right at all.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on here Andi and Friends. I do find my way from sharing these gripes. I think :)

  5. Great news about Family Man, but I too am sad that he can't have George with him. I know apartments don't often allow pets, but for people living on their own a pet can be a life saver. I'm glad his sister took in George and is close enough by that he can visit every day.