Friday, December 21, 2012

Frost Flower Friday

Melting Frost Flowers taken November 9 & 13, 2012.
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  1. Winter has definitely arrived -- we have a little over an inch of snow, it's 25 outside, the wind is howling, and we lost power for 8 hours (thank you wood stove for keep us warm).

  2. Andi & Jim - stay warm. I shiver in anticipation, as I well know that your cold front is heading my way quickly. Playing lazybones this weekend and have to work Monday. Bah.

    Happy non-Apocalypse, y'all!

  3. Happy Solsticepocalypse everyone. What a great opportunity to celebrate the longer days returning, the start of the new baktun/the end of the freakin world man, or just getting your power back on an icy-cold howling-windy Friday.

    That wind is blowing here too, and when it gusts it sounds like a tropical storm, then I look outside and see white frozen bits and my poor little Miami-brain just feels woozy.

    Holy moly exploding pyrex.

  4. Ah, there's a pretty sight for the end of the world! Heehee.

    The wind's howling like an SOB here, too. Our power blipped for a little bit yesterday evening, but stayed on. At least it really feels like winter, on the day it officially begins. Welcome to the bottom of the year, y'all! Looking forward to increasing amounts of sunlight for the next six months.

    The Boy's car started acting up around Indy last night. We're all hoping it's an easy fix and he can get here without too much more trouble. Worst case, his aunt & cousins are heading that way, so he can hang out with them.

    Well, I need to reload our own firebox, then it's off to the mimes. Then… four day weekend!

  5. U think my rapture lovin', prayin for the end of the world, Baby Jesus on the flagpole, home schooled, non-working Baptist neighbors are a little depressed this beautiful morning. I believe this is their third non-end of the world disappointment since I've known them.

    Yesterday the vibe of the customers changed drastically. It went from bad to worst. Almost everyone was in foul, panicked moods about xmastime.

    Off to get a tree from a really cool farm.

    I'm thinking I'm wearing down... I mean getting through to my partner that the car decision is MINE. :P I'm liking the Kia Rio more and more. Besides, it's just a car. I don't need anything big and fancy. Just something to get me here and there, that is safe and can carry the kayaks. It's probably my biggest purchase that isn't local or USA made -lol. But screw it, man. I need a car. Not a gas guzzler and hybrids are too much of a sticker shock. I think the oil lobby here in America is trying to do in the ecars/hybrids.

    Been raining here since our DracoSnow. All the "Storm of the Century/Week" were floppahs for us here on the Left coast. But I know that I put my head down and ignore the alerts, I'll get squished by Mommy Nature. So I'll keep heeding em.

    Stay warm guys. And Happy Non-Apocalypse Day. It must be us heathens fault that the super god didn't wipe us all out today(?) :)

  6. Happy everything and anything you want it to be day.

    Raining and very windy here but I can stay home and Chinese food is on the way, so I am happy.

    Love the picture!

  7. Love the colour in the top photo -- the ice looks like jewels against a red velvet background.

    Larry -- saw that email, will respond! :D