Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Boy and His Woods

Taken November 21, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. How was your Mayan Apocalypse? Jim and I got haircuts and went to the library. We didn't spot any signs of the end of the world -- of the Ghostbuster types or even many white pickups. ;)

  2. Up far too early again. A quiet apocalypse here - spent the day watching shows, reading and doing a bit of clean up. Today = more of the same.

    Cold front blew/is blowing in with big wind gusts. Whee?

    Happy nonpocalypse!

  3. LOVE this picture.

    I has a low fever and a tiny sad. :( Rx=beef veggie soup I made day before yesterday and an afternoon resting in bed with my feline collective (nods at the bald guy in the kilt).

    Hope you are all well and able to enjoy your weekend.

  4. Do these woods make me look fat?

  5. A little bit, but you wear it well, Madame Onassis got nothin on you.

  6. Happy post day! We had a bit of snow this morning but it is hopefully gone. Relaxing today before I go over to Chris' for a home cooked Italian dinner courtesy of her eldest who spent a semester in Italy.

    And Maddie joined Shadow and me in the chair last night so it is good.

  7. Yup Italian food. I miss it because it tends to be very cheesy.

    The Comment Gods took my initial post as an offering I guess...

    Jen, what you need is a nice tucking. I love sleeping with pussies. Except for all that pussy hair. (oh tay, I even made myself blush with that one) Get better soon!

    Why is it that the man in the woods photos and foggy pond shots seem so skeery to me? I love the woods. My favorite campsite is an isolated and extremely foggy lake. That photo is so damn American Horror Story looking to me. Even I don't get it.

    Yay for my pink sister friends interrupting the gun henchman. Last thing we need is MORE guns. Sadly though WalMarts and suchs are selling out of the very guns both PDX and CT shooters had on their rampages. Anyone remember Columbine? That school had armed guards at it. I think that since "guns don't kill people"... then we need to holler that people without a safety net, who aren't physically and mentally healthy, who don't have the best education or trade. Those people end up with guns and start killing. When people are led by fear and ignorance they get add to the hysteria.

    We need to quit being and seen as "the ignorant, violent, greedy and racist" country. Those four things and guns don't go well together.

    Can we talk about the PDX shooting now? My daughter's friends are going to the ice rink and the zoo today and they are staying away from the malls. But they aren't really talking about why they are.

    And I understand that if you live out on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere and your dogs start to bark, you might feel better if you had an old granny rifle. But you wouldn't need an automatic or 47 of em.

    Explain why a lady with 47 CATS is considered crazy but a lady with 47 guns could run for Congress?

  8. Haha, Andi!

    Still waiting on The Boy. Not even here & he's already flaking out on us. :-P

  9. It's a bit apocalyptic over here at the moment, pi**ing down with rain and floods all over the country. Not here though, thank goodness, but oh good grief, I wish it would stop raining. Not been getting into the Christmas spirti so 12yr old granddaughter came round yesterday and took over - put up the tree and decorated it, then put marzipan and icing on the Christmas cake too. It makes me laugh to be bossed around, she's exactly like her mother and sister - and me!

  10. Hope everyone has a great day. We are off to Cincinnati to have an early Christmas celebration with Jim's brother, wife, kids, and their Mom.