Monday, November 12, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders Trying to Stay

Taken October 28, 2012.

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  1. Good morning all. Rainy and soon much colder (25 degrees colder than yesterday's high) day here.

    Hope you finally got enough coffee, Larry.

    I think I can smell those yummy muffins from here, Jen.

    Seems like a very reasonable reaction to me, Dina.

    Hope the walk on the beach had healing powers, Beth.

    Janet, on dating (Danni's or kids in general), all I've got to say is OMG, I wouldn't go through that again for anything.

    Kind of hoping, Kelly, that Obama goes way, way more to the left so I can remember him that way. :)

    The photos were horrifying, Mary -- it looked like some sort of battle had just taken place. Hope common sense prevails.

  2. Nothing gold can stay, Zen Sniff Ponyboy, so gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

    Andi, the muffins are on the savory side so you might like them. (Apple-oat muffins with toasted almonds, I made up the recipe myveryownself.)

    Obama goes way, way more to the left

    That would be even more savory than the muffins.

    Meanwhile, I've been having a hard time coming up with the appropriate criminal behavior for my NaNo story so I keep having to research crimes (good thing I didn't go with Life Plan A: Robin Hood, I'd have been in the fed-pen before I was old enough to rent a getaway car) and I'm starting to feel sketched out by the possibility that the next bathsalt-sniffing maniac who robs a bank in my zip code is going to bring the FBI right through my front door. Mary, I might have to put you on the speed-dial, just in case.

  3. Mmm, muffins!

    Had insomnia night last night, even after 1/2 an Ambien so today = sleeeeepy day. @ the mimes but forcing myself to be awake.

    I have managed to put the first (and hopefully only) battle scar on Phil, the new car. Misjudged the distance of a concrete post and scraaaaped the side as I left my parking space at work last week. :( I am still in denial.

  4. Heh, yeah. I have to admit I'd like to see O tack way left. But I'd settle for him publicly humiliating the goplets with their own words until they pretend to be grownups.

    Jen, Stephen King wrestled with his "perfect crime" story (Dolan's Cadillac) for similar reasons. He ended up changing the details of how to hot-wire a bulldozer. (He says his genius brother provided him with crucial details to make the setup plausible.) So change a few details to make it not quite work IRL, and you should be clear.

    Janet, good to hear Danni has found someone who really likes her & has sane parents. But yeah OMG datingggggg.

    Mime time!

  5. Yeah, I don't really expect him to move enormously left, but that would be nice. No, what I'm thinking about is the idea that he starts the country moving left in a way that creates a mythology of how left he was as president in the same way the Reagan is mythologized as being farther right. Certainly, Reagan was rightwing, but nowhere near as rightwing as the current rightwing remembers him, and the reason for that is imho that he started what became a huge swing. I don't expect it to happen all at once, but I like to hope that it is going to happen and it's going to happen big over a more typical amount of political time.

  6. Hi, all. Just realized I hadn't checked in here today.

    Kelly, I am with you. I don't think Obama has ever been that left - much more a centrist. However, I am very hopeful after this election that the people are not buying into the hate of the right. If we get a movement to the left, I will be happy.