Saturday, November 24, 2012


Taken October 25W, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for all the good wishes. Mom may be released today. The sliding hiatal hernia has unslid but they also found a web (not sure how or if I want to envision this) in her esophagus and apparently it was the combination of the 2 that caused so much trouble.

    They used some kind of tool to widen the esophagus which they said should keep the web from causing any problems for a year or so.

  2. I'm so glad she's doing better. E's had a lot of trouble with her esophagus over the past decade or so and her doctors (some of the best available) haven't been able to diagnose things easily or quickly. She's been on a variety of medications, has to have repeat testing, all of it pretty unpleasant. I hope your mom has a better time of it. Best wishes to her and comforting hugs and head-pats to you.

  3. I know an old woman who swallowed a spider,
    It wiggled and wriggled and tickled inside her.
    (And built a web in her esophagus,
    but what the hell does that rhyme with?)

    I'll get my hat.

    Here's hoping that takes care of things for longer than a year. I'd be dreading Thanksgiving if I had that to look forward to every year. Jen, give my best wishes to E for her own prob. My only stomach problem, right now, is that I put too much food in it this week. :-P

    Wife proclaims that today's a "rest day." Seeing as I'm the only one out of bed (at 9:15am), I guess it's true! Too bad the cold front came in, I think we're already at our high for the day (47F). Otherwise, I'd take the laptop to the outside table come afternoon.

    My #FridayFlash is about how Bailar found Sura on his doorstep. There's a third novella (I'm trying to finish the second one now) and this it its prologue.

    Whoop, I think Mason's waking up.

  4. Andi, hope your mom comes home and is much better.

    Going off to bake - Chris and I have been doing this for over 20 years. Tiring but lots of fun.

  5. Well that's goodish news I guess. Can't really picture the "web". Hope she doesn't have to go through this every year or so. And hope she really is released today.

  6. Yay for Mom! It's easy to confuse this kind of thing with a cardiac kind of thing and it's all very scary. Thanks for the good wishes, Larry, will pass them along, and of course right backatcha.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.

  7. Glad to here mom is doing better, and sorry she had the experience in the first place, that sounds pretty awful. I've got a book coming out in two days and am currently running around like a giant bald chicken looking for its head.

  8. (((Andi))) I'm so glad she's being properly diagnosed and cared for. Whew!

    In a few hours, Wesley and I are off to the doctors as we've been rather ill. Worried about pneumonia actually. Even Danni is starting to feel sick. I'm hoping I'll be better by Wed, Bruce!!! Woke up sick as a dog on Thanksgiving and ended up having to call everyone I knew to cancel our anti-massacre occuPIE festivities here.

    Wayne is in Dublin, Ireland for several weeks. Staying right on Grafton st in a 5 star hotel. He's been working with many Irish here and there so they've got him all hooked up. They really like him and feel that he'll love it there so much. He landed Sunday. Very short notice due to a machine crapping out. So he's stressed out about being able to save the day. Then they'll keep him to teach a class. So first part is panic mode and then pubbin in Dublin, second part he's going to go out to Galway - Western shore areas. I'm green with jealousy.

    Good news: after three years of fighting, providing bales of paperwork but ending in a nasty email that I copied to everyone, Wa. Co dev. disability services has finally approved that Wesley is indeed disabled and will receive resources. Much needed ones now that he is an adult. He might even get "back pay" for all the years of services missed. And he now has a kick butt case manager whose son is 14 and autistic so she "gets it".