Monday, November 19, 2012

The Fine Art of Being Lazy

Taken October 25, 2012

Taken October 27, 2012.
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  1. The Winterhawks are clearly a really wonderful organization, Janet. May they win all their games!

    Morning all.

  2. They are so cute. Is Bebo watching C-SPAN in that second image? I ask because Congress trying to do stuff is the only thing that puts that particular expression on my face.

    Hope everyone makes it through the Monday.

  3. Drive by hi!! @ the mimes, fixing to go to a doc check in and back to the mimes. Busy day!

  4. Bebo reminds me of my son when he's waiting for cookies to come out of the oven. "Are they done ... yeeeeeeettttttt?"

    ((((Andi)))) Yep, they are total class.

    Today is the Turkey Hell day. Please don't give us the bird! (that's a sign on our belts) but people will still plop their Diestel turkeys (farm fresh organic Californian turks) on the belt. It's a pain in the hands after lifting the bird off the belt to hoist it back in to their carts. Do that 50 times a day.... All we need to know is how much it weighs... Hopefully we will have enough baggers for the next three days.

    And..,, screw Black Friday. Please don't go out. Let retail workers have some time with their families this season. I can't even type here just what a horrid thing Black Friday "Door Bustin" crapheap it is.

    Thankfully my store doesn't open early although people have been asking if we'll be open early.... Bah!

  5. Lunch time hi! Was planning to write, but I got nuttin' at the moment.

    Sounds like the 'Hawks are awesome. A great outfit to work for, and root for!

    Our old friend EJ spent the weekend at the manor. Mason has a new best friend. He had to go back home Sunday, and Mason has been asking about him ever since. "Where's EJ? He's my friend."

    So, here's my weekend in a nutshell: Saturday, we wrestled huge pieces of tree trunk onto the wood splitter, then loaded a (red) pickup load onto the wood rack. Sunday, I raked and blew leaves. Guess which one left me more stiff?

  6. Oh, almost forgot. One of Daughter Dearest's jobs is at Dress Barn, in the outlet maul (sic). She has a shift on Black Friday, of course. The plan is to drop her off, because there won't be any parking. On non-turkey holidays, people park along the side streets and even along the four-lane highway running in front of the maul. The Mal*Wart is across the highway, and I don't guess that's going to be any better (especially parking-wise).

  7. Hi, all.

    Recovering from a computer attack that ended up with me losing all my passwords.

    Finally have the main ones back but it has been a pain.

  8. Puppy smiles in the left side? They look so happy there. :)

    Happy bday Janet. Hope your customers treat you well today.

    Farf -- hope DD's shift goes well.

    Dina -- Oh no, that's awful. :-(

    I haven't been talking much about my nano here, but a quick update - I'm over 73,000 words now. The process (more than the story itself) has been enlightening: getting to experience characters taking over the story, doing things I don't want them to do, getting weepy or laughing at things they're doing, missing them when I'm not writing, having a full scene come to me like a wind blowing through and having a hard time keeping up trying to get the words down, etc. I've enjoyed it so much this year.

  9. Congrats Candis!