Monday, November 26, 2012

Thar They Goes

Both taken October 29, 2012 within a few seconds of each other
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  1. Morning all and a Great Big Happy Birthday to Larry! And my wonderful mom-in-law. Two fine people sharing a birthday.

  2. Morning, y'all and thanks Andi! Wife made party mix (my personal crack), so a bag of that goes to work with me.

    A rare occurrence, that I have to work on my bday, but I'll be OK.

  3. Happy Birthday to Jim's mom, and to Larry and his personal crack. :)

    giant bald chicken

    ::snerk:: Congrats on the book release, Kelly!

  4. Happy Birthday, Larry!!

    Congrats on book birthday, Kelly!!

    Happy Birthday, Jim's Mom!!

    I'm hiding out at home today, still fighting sinus infection & suchlike. Spent a very quiet Thanksgiving holiday weekend which is exactly what I needed.

  5. A lot to celebrate today! Though not poor Maria. Hope you feel better soon.

    But happy birthday to Larry and Jim's mom. And congratulations to Kelly!

  6. I mustve been out of it this morning. I commented in the wrong post :)

    Happy Farfing Birthday Farf! So when you coming back to B'ton? :D Oh and you are so much older than I am. :P runs away.

    Congratulations KMc! Cue "Bald-Man Style" song being stuck in my head. Bwack! (my chicken sound)

    Happy Birthday Jim Mommy

    Good news me and the kidlets went to docs today and we do not have pneumonia. But we do have Lung Biscuit Crud 2012. Staying vigilant so it doesn't turn in to pneu.

    Poor Maria!