Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red the Yellow

Taken October 18, 2012

Taken October 20, 2012.
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  1. That is so cool about Bob Moore, Larry. Makes me very happy for all the years we've been buying Red Mill products.

    Hope the car repair estimates weren't too awful, Maria.

    Bebo and Sniff say you couldn't even start to imagine the wonderful adventures (and smells!) that await everyone who takes the Great Autumn Leaf Road. And I could have gone my whole life without the second link (Milton Berle? Milton Berle!).

    And if you were a man, Janet, I'm sure you'd be the Milton Berle of Portland (Milton Berle? Milton Berle!)

  2. Brrrr. A chilly morning on the east coast with a high expected of mid-to-high 40s. Brrr, I repeat! ::g::

    Wish I could stay at home and cuddle up with my heated snuggie and the kitty, but alas, these are the last 2 days @ the mimes before the bosslady takes off on long Txgiving trip to Japan to show off the youngest son to the relatives. I can't imagine flying with a very energetic 8 year old and a 1 year old for that many hours. Eep.

    Everyone stay warm!

  3. Sorry Andi! lolz

  4. Jen did it. Not me. :)

    I, for one, don't think Texas should "leave". I think some Texans should go. Maybe to Honduras, Somalia or Indonesia. Those are so few places without healthcare, regulations or .... anything. Rapepublicans would really feel at home in very few nations nowadays.

    Got my new Keen kayaking shoes from work as a prize for our dept being so safe. Third pair of Keens in two years. Yippee Skippee.

    Off to the mimes. It's old geezer entitlement day. Guh. But I must admit we do have some very enlightened elderly people who shop with us. But you so can tell who are Rapepublican Knuckledragging Supporters.

  5. Hi all!

    Too bad some of them *don't* leave the country. I haven't heard of anyone on Planet Georgia making plans, but I'd offer to help them pack. 'Course, when they move back, they're on their own. One of my Twitter pals said someone he knows is planning to emigrate to Chile—he even has a 6-month visa to check it out. I figure he'll be back in a couple of weeks, once he realizes "they" aren't all going to learn English to accommodate him. I love the whole goplet debate now… it's not "how do we change our platform to broaden our base?" but "how do we repackage our platform so it's acceptable to a broader base?" Lipstick on a pig. But the Focus On (someone else's) Family dude came out and said they've tied religion too closely to one party and that they need to start changing a lot of things (not just the messaging) to people in general. I expect he'll get run out of the org on a rail in the next couple of weeks.

    Not sure what I ate, but ended up with the worst gout flareup in a long time. My foot was screaming much of the night. It's better today, fortunately.

    Miming at home today!

  6. Have you been nibbling on your foot again, Farf? :D

    Chile. One of the places we thought of moving to. I see why some right wingers would like it's idea of "tax free living on their US retirement" but it is about the only thing a rapepublican would like.