Monday, November 5, 2012

Pool Maintenance Gone to the Dogs

Both taken October 24, 2012.
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  1. Good morning.

    My clock hasn't adjusted to DST yet -- I keep waking up a little after 5 but the problem is that it's a little after 4. :(

    Happy scribbling to all you NaNoWriTin fools :)

  2. Oops -- I'm so badly adjusted that I think I'm adjusting to having DST instead of not having it.

  3. It's Monday, and I haz coffee filters! Yay!

    DST adjustment wasn't a big deal here. I say that now, but tonight I'll be driving home in the dark.

    Candis, I think the idea is when you're surrounded by writers all writing, you'll want to be writing too. :-) You can always stuff some earbuds in and crank the volume up until the external distractions go away.

    Jen, I've found alcohol is a good way to duct-tape that editor. But it can have odd side-effects… like, I seem to have committed to release a novel and four novellas next year. :-) Fortunately, two of the novellas are done (and so is the novel). If I actually get some writing time, it's possible I could cough out a second novel (first of a trilogy).

    OK, off to the mimes.

  4. Candis, it sounds like you're doing a great job reaching your goal of losing yourself in the writing. The meet-ups/write-ins sound like fun, but I can imagine them being simultaneously counterproductive. I bet they offer decent support for if you get stalled out partway through, though.

    Andi, I'm having a similar kind of time change problem but in my case it's the cats' clocks that have gone off. They seem to feel that 3-4am is the newly appropriate time to fling themselves through the window blinds and chase each other underneath my blankets for wrestling matches. The water bottle now sits on my nightstand like a Here There Be Dragons sign.

    Larry, there are way too many alcoholics in my family so I do not play around with it. I have a couplefew beers or glasses of champagne once every couplefew years and that's that. No Hemingway here, bro. And I know it breaks the norms but I actually like my internal editor; it took her a while to learn to handle my internal writer, who can be difficult and temperamental, but now they both do good work. ;) More power to you on getting all that work done -- and sold!

    I hope everyone has a good week and that Andi manages to get some sleep. :)

  5. Okay, I'll be the group's official lush :) I love to make cocktails.

    Going to vote tonight after work. Actually we will vote here at the house and drop our ballots off.

    We have some pretty nasty voter fraud going on here in Oregon. Some douchebag election official was caught changing ballots. She was marking Republican choices on ballots that had been left empty. Another reason to have "none of the above" choice.

    Rapepublicans can have their "God, Guns and Guts" and all their bigotry, hate and ignorance.

    See you on the flip side of insanity.

  6. Back from KW, exhausted but filled with memories of great music, good friends, and time spent in a place I love. Maybe one of these days I'll find the nerve to move down there, as I've threatened for eons. But tonight, I'm unpacking, watching a little football, and trying to ease back into the real world. Tomorrow will be a rude awakening - where's the ocean? Where's my live music? Where are all of my friends wandering Duval?

    Thanks for the gorgeous fall shots, andi - they make me miss it less!

    Have missed most of the Sandy coverage - hope everyone is safe. I need to catch up on news tomorrow - oh, and vote! Here's hoping the two parties learn to play nice in the next four years.

    Night all!