Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Turkeys Scene

All photos taken at Turkey Run State Park, October 23, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Happy the-very-long-weekend-is-almost-here to all of you with short work weeks. Happy cooking to all of you that will be cooking up a storm (Jim is making his mom's splendid applesauce cake recipe). Happy whatever-you-want-to-be-happy-about to everyone.

  2. Oh, the weather outside is...huh, oddly awesome! I give many thanks for a short work week and pray that the insomnia fairy go bother someone else. 3 nights of not getting to sleep until 2 a.m. is just not on.

    Hooray for those of you cooking & feasting with family & friends. I am indulging in my inner hermit and will spend the weekend cocooning. Though, it would have been lovely to have the energy to go visit Dina. Her brother is a wickedly brilliant cook.

    I echo Andi in the Happy Whatever wishing!!

  3. Janet, you ran over Wayne with a taillight for an Irish Springsteen ticket? *boggle*

    Tonight, make dough. Tomorrow… BAKE ALL THE THINGS.


  5. Wayne is going to Dublin this Saturday for two weeks. He's super stoked but this is a whirlwind. Thanksgiving aka Native American Massacre Feast. Thanks for the food here's some beads. Two hockey games, Wed and Fri. Then a flight out for Wayne. Lots of youtube of discoverireland. He'll be pubbing and grubbing on the week days and on the weekends he'll be taking the trains or biking it.

    This is a scope. As we'll be doing a week in Amsterdam and then almost two months in Ireland for his sabbatical. :) I don't want to country hop so we'll probably rent an apt and really settle in to Dublin or Howth and enjoy it. So all very exciting.

    Having some folks over for dessert for our Anti-Massacre OccuPie and a Pear Tart. But... I'm already frazzled and out of time LOL.

    So this 28th, I'll be seeing a very merry Bruce Springsteen. YEAH!!!

    Gobble Gobble, enjoy your and share your bounty, whether that be baked yummies or your own wonderful self. Enjoy. Excuse me while I go sit on the group w bench and play with the pencil. :)

  6. Everyone have a great day and a great Thanksgiving. Lots to be grateful this year.