Friday, November 30, 2012

Many Ways of Leaving

All photos taken October 28, 2012
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  1. Morning and happy weekend everyone.

  2. Yello! "I don't mind the leaves that are leaving, it's the leaves that are coming!"

    Kelly, watch out for those cream pies!

    I knew this, but we're leaving tomorrow afternoon. Daughter Dearest has to work until 3, then we roar away. (As much as the van can be said to "roar.") Overnight in Valdosta, then we'll be there tomorrow afternoon!

    Anyvayyy. I did get down that last scene yesterday. Something's nagging me, that I need more in there, but I'm not sure what or where. Of course, it's in the end, where the last two chapters are as big as the first four already.

  3. Goodbye to the leaves - I miss you already!

    Everyone have a great Friday.

  4. Been gone as Bruce Springsteen blew my mind Wed night. He played non-stop, no breaks, no 10 minute drum solos, he was on stage every minute. Adrenaline. 3.5 hours of showmanship. Wow.

    He pulled kids up onstage, old people, he staged dived! At one point he pulled up 5 or 6 ladies who all had shirts on that said, "Lesbians heart Bruce" :D Awesome show.

    My voice is gone though. Now I'm totally exhausted after a long, harsh week.

    My Winterhawks got hit with the worst punishment in all of hockey history for something BS. $200K fine, coach suspended entire season and post, loss of drapft pick for 5 years. Why? because part of our disclosed, documented benefit packages to some player's signings was one kid got a cell phone to make intl calls to his family, 4 others got their parents flown in from overseas for a few games or hardship flights. That's it. I hope the Hawks appeal.

    I'm almost through with hockey... It hurts too much to be a fan. :*(

    Gonna go find a new hair cutter person... I need to find one since mine moved away and my hair is pissing me off now. Beware: Hair Mood.

    Wayne saw Kilkenny Castle, he's having a great time.

  5. Brooooooooce! I'm always amazed when I see him live. I am jealous Janet. He didn't include us on his tour this year.

  6. He was amazing Mary! Wayne is THE Bruce fan here. But he never has got to see him. Each time he's had a ticket, he's had to fly away last minute. It's a curse.

    The way he performed he will be touring again. I think he'll be doing it when he's 93 :D

    I missed the Portland Koscadia Meet Up.... I had planned to go just spaced it. This week has been a blur though.

    Found a great hairwoman. Did my hair right, but the bangs are short and straight. A little too short but otherwise very happy. Sassy, Slutty Layered Bob with a bit of an Aline. I needed some hair therapy LOL