Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little or No Background Info

Both taken October 26, 2012
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  1. Good morning all. Feel better soon, Janet and Wes -- I sympathize as I have a bad cold since Thanksgiving and am just getting my voice back.

  2. Bummer on the cold, Janet & Wes - I empathize!!

    Speaking of cold, we haz it. Our cold front is here to stay and winter is sliding its nasty little feets under the door. Precipitation today - rain in my area, with snow in on the outskirts. Bah.

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  3. Wow, I sure hope all you sickos feel better soon. I should have brought soup. Maybe I'll make some later.

    Big congrats to Wesley on finally getting his disability approved, and hey if Wayne gets a chance can he go inspect the property I'd like to retire on, please and thanks kindly.

    giant bald chicken looking for its head

    It finally occurred to me to wonder which part of this chicken, exactly, is bald. ;p

  4. Morning, all! I do like that branch floating in Limbo. Did you have to lie down to take that one?

    Thanks for the bday wishes. Janet, I'm 18. For the 3rd time. So there. :-P

    Yay Kelly for new book!

    Jen, I have a lot of bald spots. Just not on my head.

    I've got fresh Mason pics on the blog (working on the Tree), and a hilarious (to me, anyway) anecdote about his encounter with one of those scary girl-things at the park.

    So far, "cold" here has meant one morning below 30F. It got back up into the mid-60s yesterday; I would have sat outside at lunch if the tables had been in the sun. I thought maybe the wife let the firebox go out yesterday, but it just made a "stuff shifting around inside" noise. Maybe I should chuck a couple sticks in it.

  5. Tried to post this earlier but it didn't take - love these photos Andi.

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  6. Snow here. I am very glad that I don't have to go out as it is very messy. Hoping for better weather soon.

    Stay healthy, everyone!

  7. Sending get well wishes to all. I still have voice issues, but feel back to normal after having the Chest Crud for way too long. And our weather today turned warm and Florida-like again, after a frost yesterday morning. 75 and humid today - nice to open the windows again, and walk around in shorts. Just tried to check out the full moon, but it's too cloudy. Maybe tomorrow night.

    Congrats to Kelly, belated birthdays to the birthday folkses, and thanks for gorgeous fall pictures, andi!