Friday, November 23, 2012


Randam choices from a day (10/24/2012) when I took a lot of photos
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  1. Hope everybody had a good day. Our was probably the worst one ever -- I'll skip all the minor misadventures and go straight through to my Mom being admitted to the hospital with a possible Hiatal hernia but not sure yet whether that's the correct diagnosis and what they are going to do).

  2. Oh no Andi's mom! I'm so sorry she's having problems and I hope her doctors are able to figure it out and fix it ASAP.

  3. Andi, so sorry to hear that! I hope things get better soon and Mom is home and healthy.

  4. Oh andi, I hope everything turns out. What an awful way to spend any day, let alone a holiday. :(

    I hope everyone else had a good day. Mine was peaceful. The weekend promises the lighted boat parade and craft shows, plus working in between.

    May your turkey leftovers not last for another week!

  5. Oh, yuck, Andi. Hope it's a mis-diagnosis & something easy to deal with!

    I got to spend the last gorgeous day of November outside. Splitting wood, yeah, but at least I burned off a few of those excess calories I inhaled on Thursday.

    Working next week, then it's off to St. Pete!

  6. Well that is NOT the way to celebrate a holiday for either your mom or you and Jim (or your sister etc). Sorry! Hoping for the best here - crossing all fingers and toes. And sending lots of supportive thoughts your way.