Friday, November 16, 2012

Falling for Light

All photos taken October 21, 2012.

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  1. Good morning. Hope everybody has a fine Friday (and yay for feeling bettter, Beth).

  2. Okay now let's talk about Jon Hamm! (Notes: I did not link to anything. Your google habits are your own business. But if you're into dudes, Jon Hamm is worth a whole sack of googles. And if you're not into dudes, don't look, you could be traumatized for life, lolz.)

    Okay, in news that's not about dick jokes, my NaNo story has taken an unplanned turn in that I could not persuade my main character to commit certain crimes and she chose her own criminal path. At this point we're off in the weeds (metaphorically) and most of the outline I did is headed for the recycle bin, but what she picked has a lot more comedic potential than what I'd outlined, so at least now we trust each other.

    Happy weekend to all of you, happy googling to a few of you, and happy writing to alla youse writers. :)

  3. Hi, all and happy Friday. Here's to a good weekend for everyone!

  4. Gorgeous! :D :D :D <--- one for each photo