Friday, November 2, 2012

Colors, Banding Together

Both photos taken October 15, 2012.
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  1. Sounds like a busy but happy time, Nicky. A shame for those kids but I expect some of them will have found it exciting.

    That's a relief, Maria. I'm so glad she's okay.

    Mason is the cutest thing ever, Larry (as if I needed to tell you). And DD's costume was pretty cool, too.

    Good thing you are enjoying the fall color photos, Jen, because I have a slew of them yet to post.

    Yikes, dental surgery. That doesn't go well with anything, Janet. Hugs to Wes.

  2. More fall imagery, yay!

    Because this campaign season has been going on since the last sack of Rome and because we have the great fortune to live in a swing state, the 3yo child of one of E's friends has now been permanently warped by the advertising. Someone asked his father if he planned to vote for Obama and the 3yo piped up from across the room as if Pavlov were his preschool teacher, "My name is Barack Obama and I approved this message." His mother swears, "We don't even let him watch that much tv."

    Happy Friday to everyone.

  3. Morning!

    Thanks much… Mason was on a high-octane sugar buzz that night. But he finally did settle down and stayed in bed, despite threats to hop down. I guess making the unofficial bedtime routine into something official really did work.

    Jen, one of my Tumblr buddies put up a story of an 8yo who thought that, since Obama was half-white, that Joe Biden must be his father. It was really funny. But thanks for bringing that up, since this is the last day of early voting on Planet Georgia… I'll swing by the polls on the way to the mimes.

  4. Just like how Charlie's Grandpa Joe helped out after he took over Wonka's candy factory, Pawpaw Joe Biden got bored with golf and calling malarkey on his fishing buddies so he comes in and lends a hand at the office from time to time, lol, awesome.

  5. Working, working, working...answering phones - I'm so phone-challenged!!! Luckily, it's VERY rare that the 2 main phone people are out on the same day, so this is hopefully not going to happen again soon.

    I'm so ready for the end of the day!!