Thursday, November 8, 2012

Charlestown State Park -- Part II

Gorgeous tree on Trail 4

Nifty formation on Trail 1

Cliff and color on Trail 6
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  1. Let the Yays continue! Minnesota rejects anti-ssm amendment, Washington State appears to have legalized ssm (not all ballots are counted, but measure is ahead 52-48), and another 2 senate seats for the Dems (North Dakota and Montana).

  2. More pretty forest trails, yay and many yays for same-sex marriage wins!

    Vampire/Stoker fans, be sure to check out today's Google doodle!! It's Bram Stoker's 165th birthday.

    Sending lots & lots of good thoughts toward NY/NJ & all the areas under this Nor'easter. :(

  3. Take cover, east coasters, ya poor bastages.

    ::still doing the happy dance in the midwest::

  4. Dodged another frost here, although they got some down in the 'burbs. Tonight's our best chance for several days.

    I queued up my #FridayFlash (look for it 7am tomorrow). Political humor, non-partisan. Zombies are also involved.

    Looking at the percentages, it seems that Planet Georgia is the least red of the red states (calling NC purple now). Someone else pointed out, with a 4-point shift, Georgia would be as swing-y as Florida. Probably has to do with that big Planet Earth outpost an hour south of here. :-P

    Miming at home today. Back to it!

  5. It's a relief to be done with the political jockeying, although I avoided most of it by watching ESPN. Hopefully both parties learn how to play nice with each other, and get something accomplished. Yay for the advances we made, and fingers crossed that it continues.

    54 at the beach today - although I'm sure the NE would like to have that, instead of the weather they're dealing with. We're chilly, but know it'll get warmer this weekend. Stay safe, warm, and dry, y'all!

    Back to work. This real-world stuff sucks. I'm going back to the island....

  6. Been watching the election and it always amazes me that people here and in the US equate Republicans with our Conservative party and the Democrats with Labour. T'isn't so! Republicans are way further out right than the Tories and Labour is way further left than the Democrats. Apart, of course, from a few oddballs at either extreme.

    I've painted a plague cross on my front door and am sitting here still coughing, sneezing, wheezing and generally being revolting with a stinking cold - mercifully on the wane. Just hoping I haven't passed it on.

    Book number 6 has finally been accepted and contract signed, which is a relief. More jolly japes through Victoriana.