Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charlestown State Park -- Part I

On the way

A rocky walk on Trail 6

Deep in the forest of Trail 1
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  1. Yay for Obama's relection! Yay for Dina's power coming back! Yay for Mourdock losing! Yay for Tammy Baldwin becoming the 1st openly gay senator! Yay for the Dems holding the senate!

    I guess it's a very Yay day.

    Trivia: this state park was formerly part of an Army munitions plant that was given to the state when it was closed. Jim's dad and grandfather worked at the bag plant (where they loaded explosives into silk bags for the big shells used on ships).

  2. A gorgeous wake up to awesome news this morning. I had to avoid election coverage last night because it would've been bad for my blood pressure. I am so very very glad for all the lovely women who were elected last night, for 4 more years of hope & change, for the Dems holding on. Andi, indeed a very Yay day!

    Weather is going to suck here, however, rain/snow mix later today. Gee, thanks, Mother Nature!! I think I'll pretend I'm strolling along the nifty trails in the pictures.

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  3. Yay for Maine and Maryland voters not only rejecting bigotry at the ballot box, but for embracing equality. AT THE BALLOT BOX Y'ALL. I've been working for equality since the 1980s, and this is a bfd. I think I'm in shock.

  4. Oh yeah, Jen -- how could I forget to mention that. And being hopeful about votes in Washington state and Minnesota, too.

    And a big old yay for New Hampshire which now has the only all-female congressional delegation, plus a female governor. All hail the rise of the matriarchy. :)

  5. Witness the vast wonders democracy hast wrought!

  6. Wow, what a roller coaster of a night, huh? The good guys won almost across the board: President re-elected, Senate got a nice upgrade, a couple of the worst reprehensibles got scraped out of the House, and holy moly! Marriage equality is going mainstream about 10 years earlier than I expected! This should have been a blowout year for the goplets; but even with billionaires pouring in tons of money, the best they could manage was a narrow loss. Goplets have to decide whether they want to disinfect their party and spend the next two cycles rebuilding, or become a strong regional power with disproportionate Senate representation.

    I heard Rmoney didn't even prepare a concession speech yesterday, which might have explained why he waited until 1am to make his appearance. Rumors were flying that the goplets were going to contest (i.e. rig) the Ohio results, and it seemed they might for a few—but when O got to 290EV, that point became the mootiest of moot. I guess Karl Rove had a full-blown meltdown on-camera at Fox, but I'm glad not to have that problem, I mean channel, here. I guess I can catch it on YouTube later.

    Well, it's mime time. We got this.

  7. Hi, all. So very happy that Obama won. Means no moving to Canada! I just wish more teabaggers had been thrown out but I will take what we got. And here's to equality. Hopefully NJ will see the light soon.

  8. It was a legitimate and forcible win. God intended for Women to win the Rapepublican war.

    Two words: Supreme. Court.


    I was at work and man was it a hard, emotional day. Today is Senior day and I'm sure those Faux loving, entitled dinosaurs are going to be MEAN. And I don't care :)

    Now, time to get down to business. Stop the damn drones!!! Stop spying on us. Stop police brutality.

    Oregon didn't pass legal personal consumption. Guess Colorado is more sane on that issue than us. :*(

    But damn... for a while that was too close for ocmfort.

    Oh and screw you Fox News and up yours GOP. Scott Brown and Joe Walsh... go eff yourselves with a lit prickily pear.

    It's a beautiful day.

  9. Congrats my friends -- I was following it all last night and I'm so happy to see the outcome! :D