Saturday, November 10, 2012

All Together Now

Taken October 17, 2012.

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  1. Me too, Larry. Let's all take today off and sleep. I'll bake muffins later whenever we get up.

  2. Me, three. It's like the Sandy nightmare and the election tension all crashed today.

  3. A beautiful Saturday afternoon, completely destroyed by the wife having us move stuff from here to there. There won't be many more nice weekend days like that before March, either.

    We're having a Veterans' Day thing at church this morning. But I need more coffee.

  4. Struggling with a nasty case of laryngitis. Been on the couch for days. I'm going to meet friends and walk on the beach, although I should probably continue to lie here and fight this. Hoping that fresh air will be the cure I'm needing.

    Happy Veteran's Day to all - stay warm and safe.

  5. What do people do on Veterans day? I mean really. Other than lay around and go to some sale at a strip mall. I hear Macy's is having a "to die for" sale on all appliances... meh.

    Danni has moved on from the Writer Boyfriend with the rabid right wing parents. Now on to the boy who was a champion wrestler with sane parents. He came over last night to take her to see Skyfall, which they both loved and we're all jealous. As Danni left the room, I asked him if he liked my daughter and he whispered, YES! SO MUCH!. Danni is trying to pretend this is just a "friends" thing and she wants to take it slow and be just friends. She's hammering him with the "just friends" stuff - to the point I'm feeling sad for him LOL. I know I should be relieved, but I think she's almost to gun gun shy since her last and first break up.

    What's wrong with kids? Why can't they just go on dates? Why does it have to be either friends or a deep relationship? Although I think they'd be really good for each other.

    But maybe there is something wrong with him since Mom and Dad like him so much eh? :)

    Andi, don't drink wine from Australia. Totally full of sulphites. Try an organic red.

    Beth, hope you feel better. I'd vote for staying on the couch till you are fully rested. Beach walking could wear your ass out and make your illness worse. Poor baby.

    Waves to all.

  6. OH yeah... I'm with ya on the crash day. I accidentally slept in wicked late. Missed my much needed yoga class but need to stay home as well and rejuve.

    Election day should be a holiday off for all. Even those of us will mail in. It's too hard having to go to work and endure all that stress. LOL

  7. Slept in till 11:00 this morning. Gray and raining and starting to really relax for the first time in ages. The election left me feeling at least a little bit hopeful about our body politic for the first time in years, like maybe the pendulum has finally finished its rightward swing and is just beginning to slip back the other way. Kind of hoping to see Democrats twenty years from now remembering Obama as much more liberal than he is to conform to the politics of the day in the way that Republicans now remember Reagan as about thirty steps to the right of where he actually was.

  8. Just looking at pics from that explosion in Indy - wow! Someone said they had ruled out a bomb (which seems unlikely anyway) and a meth lab (which would be completely believable here in Missouri).

    This weekend has gone too quickly. Not looking forward to this week - I find out if a big project gets the green light. If it does, Thanksgiving and Christmas and probably the new Year weekend are ruined. Sigh. Maybe common sense will prevail.