Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All In A Day's Walk

All photos taken October 18, 2012.
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  1. Morning all. First snow of the year yesterday but no accumulation and the little dusting was gone by 11 a.m. But cold temps followed it and it's only 26 right now.

  2. Morning! It's 34F here right now. No frost outside my window, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some on the detached garage roof.

    Janet might know more about this, but I thought it was pretty cool: Owner of Bob's Red Mill gives his company to the employees. He says his Christianity was part of his motivation.

    Off to the mimes…

  3. Gorgeous colors heralding a not so gorgeous day. Cold front blew in accompanied by rain. Temps are dropping. Winter's on the verge!

    Hooray for Bob Moore! That's truly a great thing to do. I've bought tons of their products and will continue to do so.

    I'm off to get an estimate on the car scrapes. Have already filed insurance claim & waiting to hear back from them. Still happy that I was able to buy a new car to accommodate my physical & mobility needs, just grumpy at the fact that i've managed to scratch it up pretty badly within 2 weeks of ownership. :(

    Hoping for a lovely, productive/quiet day for us all.

  4. The photo on the top makes me think of elaborate fantasy worlds and their stories. We all know where the yellow brick road goes, but where might we end up if we took the Autumn Leaf Road, and what adventures might we have along the way?

    E & I are big fans of Bob's Red Mill products and we use them all the time. I was under the impression that the transition to the employees happened a couple years back, but whatever the timing, I hope it's going well for everyone involved.

    Kelly, fwiw, if the President manages to shove the country onto a genuinely leftward path, I will personally write whatever mythology he desires and put that shit on a Hey Girl tumblr so it spreads like the herp in a 70s era disco. Does he want future generations to think of him the way modern conservatives think of themselves? DONE. Does he want everyone to ask what Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra and Barack Obama have in common? I can turn that into one of those winky-wink jokey facts that "everyone knows". Does he want history to remember him as James Bond, saving the world from unfortunately named super-villains with nothing but his Bronco Bama hat, his bare hands and a jet-pack that runs on alternative fuel? Move the nation to the left and I will make it so.


  5. Farf, Bob did that a few years back. :) But it's still a good story.

    If Obama is a Liberal than I'm a man with a ten inch pecker. :)

    Drones, raids, spying, mounting police brutality against peaceful protesters, "clean coal"... But at least he isn't batsh*t crazy like a Rapepublican. Yes, I will always call them that. That is their base. it's okay to rape women, women are just property, less than.

    We have lots of work to do, and at least we can work with this administration. Or they can just continue to pepper spray us in the mouths and beat us with batons. Which is far better than having Romney and Ryan sending our daughters to be raped in China.