Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Above and Beyond

Both taken October 15, 2012.
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  1. Morning all. It's finally election day -- it seems like this election has gone on forever. Now there's nothing to do but fret about the results.

  2. Hola, all - long time no see. Spent the weekend in a self-imposed moratorium from most of the Internets, as I was just DONE with all the election anger & BS. So, today's the day. I voted early, so I'm all set.

    Dina finally has power!!

    Best of luck to those of you nano-ing.

    I'm off to the mimes in a bit and hope to be celebrating the election outcome tonight instead of mourning.


  3. I'm with you, Maria! One thing about living among the pod people, we were largely spared the barrage. The downside is… well, they're the pod people. I early-voted, which is good because it's raining on Planet Georgia this morning.

    Well, off to it, I guess.

  4. Every time I think this thing can't get any more ridiculous or surreal, a guy who's running for President threatens to put a hit on Big Bird and people like Doris Day and Clint "Libertarian" Eastwood are calling the house and leaving messages on our answering machine. We didn't even know Doris Day was still alive, and because we're both taking cold medication for some seasonal bug we actually discussed the possibility that maybe she wasn't and perhaps she was calling from the Great Beyond.

    Not only has the Citizens United money turned the US election process into a virtually endless national nightmare that, frankly, qualifies as a form of mass emotional/psychological abuse, but this particular election has been like taking a time traveling tour back through some of the worst Ages in history: Imperialist, Industrial, Middle, Dark. All that's left is for a pack of salivating velociraptors to burst forth onto a flag-draped stage somewhere and eat one of the losing candidates. I'd like to personally request that they eat BOTH Mourdock and Donnelly irrespective of the outcome of their race because enough already ffs.

    And on that happy note, I hope everyone has a lovely day. :)

  5. One of the best things about being without power was not being able to get the phone calls and avoiding the ads.

    And of more importance, Maddie has finally learned to sleep on the bed with me.

    I am so glad to be back - the sound of my heat going on was one of the most beautiful signs ever!

  6. That should have been sounds not signs.

  7. Voting is our voice being heard. I take it very seriously. I wish others did, however I am not a citizen just every 4 years. I don't do tv so I haven't been hit with the ads which I find less annoying them having some millionaire with a $5 haircut telling me what I can do with my life as a woman. I've been reading the issues so I can be informed. This vote is so important. I'm not a cheerleader for Obama as I am a Liberal and I can't reconcile drones, war, torture, spying, increasing police brutality, militant authority figures in all matters, closing of schools, Keystone, violent raids on medical marijuana. But Obama is at least sane. He won't enslave us for merely having vaginas. I hope that now we can get down to business and address the above matters without people being worried about re-election bs.

    Hooray Dina! Glad you have heat!!!

    For today, I leave you all with this note:

    Give me Love
    Give me Love
    Give me Peace on Earth
    Give me Light
    Give me Life
    Keep me free from birth
    Give me Hope
    Help me cope
    With this heavy load
    Trying to touch and reach you
    with Heart and Soul - George Harrison

  8. I voted today despite knowing there would be lines (stood for over an hour and my hips are killing me) because I like the ceremony. It's my little way of honoring the women who fought so hard and stood so much longer just so I could have this right even when they didn't. I requested a paper ballot, which confused everyone, and then they messed up my registration and we all had to do a hundred things to make sure everything was valid.

    "I want to make sure your vote will count," said the helpful poll-worker.

    "Just so you know," I smiled warmly at her, "if my vote doesn't count, then we're ALL going to be on CNN."


  9. Very ritualistic for me. Like a Sacrament(?) I cry afterwards. I cried last night watching my kids push their envelopes in the drop box.

    See ya on the flip side my dear sister-friend. I love you very much.

  10. I like the ritual too. I voted absentee in 2008 because I was working the polls that day but today I went to vote in person. Went a little late, at 8:30 a.m. and walked right in. They told me there had been long lines at 6:00 a.m. but I had no wait at all. I don't think people in Missouri are very in to this election. I'm glad it will be over and we can start getting NEW ads for the 2016 election starting tomorrow ...

    Dina! So glad you got heat back!