Monday, October 22, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders What Colors Humans See

Taken October 10, 2012.

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  1. Howdy all. We're off on a little overnight trip today -- going to a couple of state parks in the west central part of the state that have some interesting rock formations, including a rock spine called the Devil's Backbone that is 6 feet wide and has dropoffs of 100 feet on both sides.

    But there's wifi at the state park lodge where we're staying tonight so we'll be able to tell you how scary that was (or wasn't) later today or tomorrow. :)

  2. Morning. Ugh. I'm not sure if I woke up on my own, or Mason started whining about "Grandmom, sleep with me" first, but I got honest with myself and knew I wouldn't sleep anymore. So here I am. Ugh. At least the coffee is ready. I might try to salvage some writing out of this early morning.

  3. That dog is so adorable.

    Hope you Fs have a great overnight, that Larry finds some time for a nap, and that everyone else gets their week off to a good start.