Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time Passes

Taken September 28, 2012.

Taken September 30, 2012

Taken October 5, 2012.
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  1. Such pretty colors!

    I've been wanting to take a picture of the neighbors' huge and gorgeous tree amidst its autumn changes but their political signage is much too alarming for me to be caught photographing their yard and my stealth days are long gone, lol.

    Hey Larry, congrats on the co-op and the blog tour! May the readers fall upon you like the season.

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  2. Love the pictures! Fall is my favorite season.

    Happy weekend, all. Enjoy the colors if you can.

  3. Geezer moment -- I totally thought I'd commented this morning.

    Disclaimer: these are not photos of the same sassafras tree.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, Maria.

    Jen, spring is my favorite but fall certainly is splendid and at the moment, nothing here is more splendid than the maples which are putting on an amazing display. I'll bet you can find fall trees to take at some city park that wouldn't require you to do much walking.

    Dina, glad you seem a bit cheerier today than yesterday. Hope fall helps you to a better mood.

    That is very cool, Larry. I'll be stalking, I mean following you around on your tour.

    For you Doctor Who fans, here is a video of a scene which was written for the Pond's last episode but wasn't filmed [LINK]. I think it was an unfortunate decision to leave it out.

  4. Larry, good luck with the blog tour, I hope it brings you many readers.

    Andi, loving the fall colors. Ours are just starting to fall and fade.

    Everyone else, Hallloooooo!

  5. Beautiful pics Andi. Our fall colors aren't very colorful which I suppose is the fault of the drought.

    Still in shock that the Cardinals pulled out a win last night. The whole city is buzzing today about it (yes, we live and breathe baseball here in St. Louis). These days I feel like I am not a good fan because I didn't go to a single game this year and wasn't following them every day in the sports section, but I still know more about what is going on with the team than the average person in any other city. On to San Francisco!

    Just bought Louise Erdrich's new novel and am refusing to allow myself to spend all afternoon reading it. I need to finish cleaning out my closets to move in all the fall/winter clothes. Trying to be ruthless and get rid of anything I haven't worn in two years and give those things to someone who can use them.

    Second Andi's rec of the Doctor Who video. But have your kleenex handy.

  6. Thanks for the gorgeous fall colors, andi. I sure do miss them. We had a few cold mornings in Georgia last week, which was a nice surprise.

    Off to get ready for the Pirate's Ball. The only time I'll wear a costume!

    Hope everyone is having a glorious weekend -

  7. Took lots of fall color photos today, Kelly, so there will be more to come. OTOH, we have a a wind advisory today with gust up to 45 mph so that could strip a lot of trees.

    Hooray for the Cardinals, Mary! I'm already on the waiting list for the e-book version of Round House at the library but there are 9 people ahead of me so I've got a long wait.

    What can say, Beth, but ARRGGGGHHHH!

  8. Still waiting for more than spot colors here, so it's nice to see some good ones!

    Go Tigers! Although that really sucks about Derek Jeter breaking his ankle. I hope he stays comfortable and is 100% by spring. Hey Mary, a Tigers-Cards rematch in the Series?

    White Pickups got an awesome review yesterday, by someone who doesn't pull many punches in his reviews. I absolutely love this closing line: "this book should be heralded as the poster child for how self-publishing should be done." (The review is a two-parter, the first is a cute and clever MG novella by Helen Howell, a lovely English lady residing in Australia, so don't let that throw you.)