Friday, October 12, 2012

Softly, the Colors

Taken September 27, 2012.

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  1. Morning all (and welcome back Dina). The leaves started turning very early and I thought we'd have a complete changeover much earlier than usual but now they to have slowed down (except for the maples and hickories).

  2. Morning, gang!

    Gorgeous fall colors by Andi & nature. :)

    I'm locking myself in today to record as much as my voice will let me, then spending the rest of the day/weekend vegging. Am feeling MUCH better post travel breakdown. I think that getting back to my routine & resting as much as possible helped immensely.

    Happy Weekend, all!

  3. Andi, ours are doing the same thing. Colors started like gangbusters but have slowed down. No complaints from me. Autumn in the midwest is my favorite season of any I've seen anywhere. :)

    Good day to everyone.

  4. Overtired and depressed - except when I think about the asskicking Biden gave Ryan.

  5. Wow, I nearly missed two days? How'd I do that?

    Oh, I know. Lots going on. Big-ish news over at the blog: I've joined a publishing co-op, and White Pickups is going on an internet road trip (aka blog tour). I spent much of the week feverishly banging out guest posts, and maybe now I can settle back for a little while. But hey, there's prizes on the line, from me and other Green Envy Press writers.

    The weekend (such as it is at FAR Manor) is about to begin. Leaves haven't really started turning yet, but we've had November peaks fairly often in the last few years. It's definitely the season to have nice fires in the patio table, though!