Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shot on the Road

Taken October 7, 2012 -- from the car window, coming home from Cincinnati
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  1. Wow, I'm first in? That hasn't happened in a while. But I went to bed at a fairly reasonable hour, and didn't have any Howling Toddler Syndrome. I think this might be the formula: play ball with Mason at least 10 minutes, get him settled down with a round of Curious George, put him to bed.

    This word-bomb may become a sustained barrage. I was thinking I'd break 16,000 words for one week, then looked at Scrivener. I already did. Quite a personal record. But now I'm getting in the angsty parts, and that's going to be harder to write. :-P

    Waves and hugs to all. I skipped the debate. And the ballgame.

  2. I just wanted you to be first, Larry. Okay that's not true. Actually, traveling completely threw me off my schedule and I forgot to comment. Nice hiking here -- I never knew there were places in Indiana with big cliffs of exposed rock; very cool.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    P.S. Jen, Sniff says he thinks you are adorable too.

  3. Hi, all. Great shots, Andi!

    Quiet day and I need that.

  4. Sorry I've been MIA. Lots of missing and lots of action. I think my trip to calif wore me out mentally and Wayne's going back to Boston for a week, he's still gone, has left me on the little introvert side of life. Been busy with Wes' needs. He'll be staying one more year at CTP. Busy taking him to and fro hockey games. Danni had a stalker at college. From day one. Nonstop texting. He got her number by asking her if she'd to join some others before class to study. None of his texts have been about studying and if she didn't answer him right away he got abusive. Obessive. College is now documenting it all and he's backed off. But Danni got HIVES on Thursday so bad I almost took her to the ER due to the pain and burn features. She finally got squeezed into the doctors office but after a whole day of suffereing. I never knew hives could be so bad.

    So finally.. all is doing better. Went to the hockey game saturday with the kids and had a great time. Stopped by Burgerville on way back. :P

    Sorry I haven't been around these parts. I've been working, coming home, making dinner, texting my husband and trying to fall asleep all night. He comes home tomorrow evening. Whooot.

    Oh and I posted a PSA for my son :)

  5. College? Danni? I thought she was like 15? Wow. Daughter Dearest's roomie had a similar situation, but it was an ex-BF. It took intervention from friends *and* the college to get him to back off. He & DD were sitting in his car one evening, talking over the situation & other things. He stopped and said, "you're not worried about being in here with me?"

    She said, "I'm not the one you're obsessing over. Besides, if you tried anything funny, I'd kick your ass and you know it."

    "True," he said....