Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Sitting on the Porch Looking Up

Taken September 22, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. My older sister, Jim, and I went up to Indy to help Mom celebrate her 91st birthday. A great time was had by all.

    Maria, I am so sorry about your trip. I wish I had something more to offer beside sympathy.

    Wow on that mountain -- such a gorgeous place, Jen.

    It would be interesting to follow doing NaNoWriMo using Siri, Larry. Maybe not all Siri but a combo of Siri and keyboard revisions.

  2. I'd love to sit on the porch!!!

    Happy Birthday to Andi's mom. :)

    Tech frustrations - the Kindle Fire HD has issues connecting to Airport Extreme - both mine and my dad's. Connects to other networks just fine, even ones configured the same as our extremes. Have put in a question/note in Amazon Forums, since customer support can only ask if I've tried turning it off and on again. (inside joke for geeks)

    I may send this sucker back if I can't get answers.

    Other than that, I am feeling much better today.

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! 91 years, wow, she's seen some changes.

    Everyone should see the Alaska outside of Anchorage. It is stunningly beautiful. One of the harder climbs I made as a kid was in Girdwood, which has the northernmost rain forest in the world and is located in a valley about a 1/2 hour south of Anchorage, nestled in the Chugach mountains. It's a resort town surrounded by glaciers (which are very neat to trek around upon). Walking the rain forest trails made me feel like I'd fallen into the Carboniferous Period. Mount Alyeska is outfitted with ski trails and a tram but I went up the hard way as I was there in the summer for their annual Forest Fair (the rules: no dogs, no politics, no religious orders).

    ::sighs:: Some days I really miss the things I could do when my legs worked. So, since my fingers still mostly work, for now at least, I've decided to do NaNo provided that I can come up with a decent new idea before the start date. I am presently taking suggestions. :) Get to work, creativebrains!

  4. Pretty. Love the layers of leaves, sky and cloud.

    Jen - I've done it for the last couple of years. It's fun. The first year I just winged it - but it was really hard to do and I fizzled out not knowing where to go with the story. The next year I set up an outline to follow and that helped tremendously. This year I'm working on a more rigorous daily outline (30 days, each day with an outline to guide the writing) set up before starting. The more structure for me the better, but others like to have the unknown before them.

  5. Candis, thanks for the tip. Did you like what you wrote last year?

  6. Jen, if you're looking for ideas, one of my blog-buddies posted 26 story ideas on his blog (in three parts) this week. (Riffing on Heinlein's letter to Ted Sturgeon.) A rather timely series of posts, I must say.

    Andi, glad to hear your Mom had a great 91st b-day! After seeing my dad back in August, I think the key to longevity is being around people (and not just to call 911 when you fall down). The problem there is, Dad needs someone around, but it has to be someone who will stay out of his space most of the time. :-P

    Maria, I know what you mean about customer support. Mom's Kindle 2 hung during a software update while I was there over the weekend, so she hit the chat-line support. They were basically cut/pasting the webpage instructions that we'd already followed. DUH.

    Gotta finish this post. Blog tour starts Friday & I'm still a post short. whoosh