Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Yellow

Taken October 13, 2012.

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  1. My niece is in the dark but dry (as she is on the first floor but enough above street level even if there was flooding) but I'm not sure about Sweet Revenge (though it is out of the area that definitely flooded).

    Here's hoping that Maria and Dina came through okay.

  2. It's all over but the cleanup in my neck of the woods. Never lost power (thank goodness!) and with a little help from the doc (aka, 1/2 dose of Ambien), I was able to get some sleep. Storms of this type make me waaay anxious.

    Everything around me is still closed, though - schools, Feds, local govt., many roads as the crews get started on the cleanup. I'm going to stay in my cozy apartment and work from home.

    Haven't heard from Dina yet, but I know she'd lost power at some point.

    Glad the storm is gone now.

  3. Andi, that color is amazing! Did you shoot that one around sunrise?

    Hope everyone came through the storm okay.

  4. Morning all! Love the bright colors. It's been grey here since Sunday, with brief exceptions.

    Good to see the coastal peeps checking in, here and on Twitter. Planet Georgia got a little wind, and it's still windy out there. Some of the gusts woke Mason up night before last. "What's dat noise?" "The wind." "I not like it."

    On a happier note, my first royalties from Amazon got direct deposited overnight. It's a start.

    Hope everything dries out with a minimum of cleanup. I hear the NYC subways *did* get flooded, but I figured was a given with the surge coming in.

  5. Wow. Romney even knows how to muck up a good disaster relief photo op.

    Photo Oaf, more like it.

    Hope all are safe and sound.

    Crossing my fingers for Sweet Revenge.

  6. Glad everyone seems to have come through the storm okay. What a mess it looks like up there... :( Be safe, y'all.

    Didn't get a picture of my costume, andi. I wore a traditional Vietnamese outfit I bought when I was there in 2005. That's as much costume as I can handle.

    Heading to Key West for a few days of working with the band. And playing a little! It's 51 degrees here, 71 there. Time to escape the cold weather. Take care, y'all, and see you next week!