Saturday, October 27, 2012

Going Up

Taken October 12, 2012.

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  1. Happy Weekend all. Fingers crossed that Sandy stays out at sea.

  2. We are all battening down the appropriate hatches for the "extended weather event" as one news story put it. I'm desperately hoping they are all exaggerating.

    Wishing you all a great weekend!

  3. Now THAT'S thinking tall. Best wishes to everyone for a lovely weekend, and I hope all you seaboard folk stay safe, powered, fed, and entertained.

  4. Thanks for the gorgeous fall pictures, andi. Just loving those colors.

    Sandy has been affecting us since yesterday - 20-30mph winds and gray skies. Supposed to be raining, but not in my neighborhood. Sorry she's going to whack the NE so badly - we're prepared for them, but they keep missing us, while folks who aren't used to this weather keep getting smacked. Be safe, y'all. I'll ask her to dump more of her energy here, and less there.

    Trying to figure out a costume for a party tonight. I dislike costumes, but don't want to sit home alone, either. I thought I'd put a pencil behind my ear and go as a writer...

    Hope everyone has a safe, peaceful weekend. Enjoy the colors for me, what's left of them!

  5. Great costume idea, Beth! It gives you the flexibility to sit in a corner and mumble at a laptop if such is called for. :-D

    Hope you guys in Sandy's path get through it OK. There's a good set of suggestions at — remember, if you're ready for the Big One, it won't happen. (And if it does, you'll be looking around going "what was the fuss about?")

    Janet, Danni is just made of win & awesome. Good parents helped, but still!

    The girlies are at the Moonshine Festival, which means all routes through town are blocked. I'm going to take Mason to the park. The picnic basket is packed, except for drinks, so we'll be taking off shortly. Later!

  6. We are expecting Sandy here on Tuesday. I have received so many different alerts on it - almost funny!

    Here's hoping it surprises everyone and moves out to see.

  7. I used to dress up as the scariest thing possible for a student - a teacher.

  8. We here love Halloween. Not this watered down Malloween crap. I'll be dressing up for work and Wes is working the hockey halloween game. Danni is going along with a girl friend for the game and me and Wayne have Candy Detail.

    As to Sandy, I'm hoping you all are safe. I fear though that our reliance on oil, our continuing to pollute and be greedy as well as our ignorance on environmental needs has put us in Mother Nature's crosshairs. "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

    Great news! The Portland Winterhawks will be having a benefit game where a portion of the proceeds will go to Community Transitions Program... aka Wesley's Class. The game will be on February 2, 2013 - a Saturday! Wes has been working on the flyers with two other guys from the crew. I can not begin to tell you how incredible this is.

  9. PS anyone see the movie "Ben X"? I really really want to see it as I have heard it's great and it's won a few accolades, but it's about autism. This movies has to be REALLY REALLY great in order for me to sit through it. I bawled my eyes out just watching the trailer. Hell, I cry during Frankenstein has I feel sorry for the "creature" as I feel he would have been fine if he hadn't been abused and tortured.

    Anyways, any see it? Should this mother watch it? I adored "Adam" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". Hated "Rain Man". Haven't seen "Temple" yet. As it's just super hard to watch these movies. But so many have said "Ben X" is awesome.

  10. Sorry about the typos. Wes was hollering at me that Taylor Swift just announced her tour dates. LOL

    And I'm up way too early on a Saturday after a brutal few weeks.

    Gabba Gabba Hey... er Gabapentin still in my brain doesn't help with my morning fog either.


  11. Maria, I am obsessively following the track of that storm and obsessively worrying about all of you on the East Coast.

    Color is almost over here and I'm guessing it's pretty well gone where you are too, Jen. But while it lasted it was spectacular and I'll have more colorful, tall thoughts coming for awhile.

    Hoping to see a pic whatever costume you came up with, Beth. Hope you had a great time at the party. And as I said, lots more color to come.

    And hope your picnic was great fun, Larry.

    That is so cool about Winterhawks, Janet. What a great organization. Haven't heard of that movie so no help here.

  12. Janet, I have not seen Ben X either, but I know what you mean about these things being difficult to watch as I still have not seen Brokeback Mountain due to the likelihood of severe emotional complications. I'm so glad that the Portland hockey community has been so welcoming to Wes, what a great thing for a fan.

    Yeah, Andi, I think we've just about gotten all the color show we're going to get this year. It seems to be all over but for the final dropping. And with the help of our amazing modern technology, it was just like 1982 -- I only got about a dozen pictures, and of those, one is of the lens cap and another one is blurry, heh.

    I hope everyone is able to stay safe, warm, dry and on solid non-shaky ground today.