Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forest Goes Trick or Treating

Taken October 14, 2012.

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  1. Happy Halloween, everyone.

    My niece and Sweet Revenge are okay but she and her busband are staying with friends as they have no power at either her apartment or SR. Looks like there won't be any cupcakes for several days.

    Hope everything is back to normal soon, Maria. From what I hear from my friend in Hoboken, I wouldn't be surprised if Dina is without power for a good bit -- NJ really got hit hard.

    It was about 45 minutes after the official sunrise, Jen, but only about 15 minutes after the sun was above up enough to be seen through the trees.

    We had our first real "November" day yesterday, Larry. It was gray, rainy, very windy, and cold. But big HOORAY for the royalty check! I hope you get one from iTunes soon too -- that's where I bought my copy.

    Thanks for the good thoughts on SR, Janet -- I'm sure they did the trick. :)

    Have fun with the music and those nice temps, Beth. Sorry not to get to see your outfit.

  2. Hey all! Besides Dina, there's a Twitter friend in Hoboken whom I'm waiting to hear from. I figured the Joisey shore got whacked pretty hard, because that's where the hot side of the hurricane came ashore. The power's still out in the Philly 'burbs too, but they aren't flooded out & are getting by OK so far. I'm amazed to have not heard about looting. Here, we got nowhere near the forecast low of 31F (it's bottoming out around 39F), but there's still plenty of wind in the forecast. It's official, no October frost at FAR Manor for the 2nd time in 3 years.

    Andi, I used Smashwords to distribute to iBooks, and the sale hasn't shown up yet. I'm not sure how long it takes to propagate, but it'll get back to me sooner or later! More importantly, I hope it was worth it!

    Mason picked a pirate outfit for Hallowe'en this year. I'll definitely get pictures.

  3. Nice and cool here this a.m. for Phil's inaugural trip to work. A bit odd driving a new car that is larger than the previous one. Having to really pay attention!

    @ the mimes today - which is a nice change.

    Happy Hallowe'en!!

  4. Hope everyone is drying out, powering up and able to extract some pleasure from the mini-holiday, best wishes to you all as always.