Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall's Surround

Taken October 2, 2012.

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  1. Got woken up by a weird power outage that only lasted about 5 minutes. We've had the power come back after a few seconds but never after several minutes.

    Hope you all have a good day without freaky things going on (unless it's a fun kind). And don't work so hard, Beth!

  2. And there the power goes again but now the generator is running. Never thought I'd like the sound of a big motor so much.

  3. Nice to have that generator, Andi!

    Glad it's my Friday. I'm ready for a nice long weekend.

  4. I really like the autumn color palette in this image. The reflection adds an entire dimension to it, like it's fall now but you can almost see the past of spring in the water. Your stuff is always pretty but this is a showpiece, Andi.

    Glad you Fs are powered! We priced one of those generators this year but the estimate was HOLY SMOKES expensive (like, you could almost buy a new car) (not a very nice new car) (but still, new car!) because they said they had to run a gas line up through the attic and then from one side of the house to the other. Uh, we'll just take the whole house humidifier for less than a modest Daily Double bet thanks.

    We're starting to get some rain now. Sky is stormy and gorgeous and it's windy enough that the neighbors' sketchy deal yard signs may either go down on their backs or else blow away altogether. Here's to hoping that's some kind of sign from the universe.

    Wishing you all as happy of a day as you can get.

  5. slumping

    Yup, payback. I tortured Mik and Sura, and they wouldn't let me go until I had it all resolved. So I was only up until 1am this time. I did a little Scrivener-foo, and determined I'd wrote 7275 words from the beginning of the torture at Tuesday lunch until last night. Not my biggest word-burst ever, but it makes the top five.

    Jen, the in-laws have a diesel. Works about the same. The previous owner of FAR Manor had a transfer switch installed, so we have a cable that runs to our small gas generator into a plug in the garage. Enough to run lights and the gas furnace, anyway. But so far, we haven't had an outage long enough for us to scrounge up everything we need to hook it up! The only problem I have with UPSes is that they go beep-beep-beep until they die (or the power comes back on)… I suppose I could surgically remove that noisemaker, though.

    Rainy/soupy day here. Good day to stay inside and work, write, or read.

  6. Larry, I don't know enough about gas and electric to have a clue if those alternatives are workable for us here, but I do know enough about writing to know that 7k+ of usable words is kicking ass, so congrats on that! :)

  7. Hi, all. Hope you are having a good day and enjoying the fall. No more power outages!

  8. I absolutely love this picture Andi, there's something about composition and colors that just make me smile from down deep.

    Looks like my late summer work lull is about to turn into the usual mad scramble again. Kind of looking forward to it. Hope life is treating all and sundry as well as it possibly can.