Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Easy Does It

Taken October 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi everybody. Back from our jaunt. The weather was crap but the hiking was great -- it felt like we were somewhere out west with cliffs, gorges, and niftily-eroded rock formations. We were about a week late for peak color but the good side of that was that with a lot of the leaves gone, we could see the rocks much better.

    Janet, I'm so sorry about to hear about Danni's problems. I hope the creep goes away even faster and for good and the hives do the same.

  2. ::waves feebly::

    Hola, gang - been under the weather since Sunday so I'm now trying to catch up. Nothing much going on here, other than the usual.

    Janet, bah to the hives - I can totally relate. And, as Andi said, creeper dude needs to go away and stay there.

    Much too warm today (temps up to 80), now that I've totally acclimated to the lovely coolth of fall. I suppose I shall survive this, too. :)

    Happy mid-week!

  3. Nothin' to say, but it's OK. Good morning! Good morning! Good morning-a!

  4. Oh wow, Fs, both of those photos are fantastic. Andi's reminds me of an old Stephen King story and Jim's makes me think of Fallingwater.

    Best wishes to everyone!

  5. I second the love for both pictures. Not so much for hives and stalkers. Janet, I hope both are gone soonest!

  6. Jen's reference to Stephen King started me thinking. (sounds of rusty gears grinding and machinery shuddering into motion)

    There are several signs under the bridge warning about swimming in water and diving off the rocks and bridge threatening death and/or prosecution whichever is worse.

    1. A spirit disguised as currents, undertows, and snags in the water drowns swimmers.

    2. A spirit in the bridge knowing the currents, undertows, and snags, tempts the young to dive in. Their last words were always, "Hey guys, watch this!" (There were many remains of ropes below the bridge that had been tied for swinging over the water.)

    Falling Into Water

    Story time anyone?

  7. Long day of Senior Entitlement day at work. About to run out and pick up Wayne at the airport. Whooot!

    Farf, yup she's 18. She is a year ahead of her peers though as she was promoted. College took care of things and if this boy makes one more advantage towards her or contacts her - they will send all documentation to the police. He's backed off and his one class with her was changed to another day.

    But man, the boys have been flocking to her! Not counting creepy dudes. She's having none of it though.

    Gotta run. xoxo