Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinner Time at the F's

Taken , 2012.

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  1. Keep a close watch on that tire, Maria. Little leaks can become big ones very, very fast.

    Hope all went well for your wife, Kelly.

    Congrats on (mostly) getting a handle on the software, Larry.

  2. ::yawns:: Morning, gang.

    Sooo sleepy this a.m. - had to take a half0-dose of Benadryl last night and this is how it affects me. At least I'm miming from home today.

    I'll be off in the early a.m. tomorrow to San Antonio. You all have a grand weekend!

  3. Congrats on getting a big job done, Andi.

    Gotta go get myself put up on the rack today for an undercarriage inspection (gyn exam), blegh. I don't care about the exposure, although it's true that I can never choose the right socks to wear with the paper couture, it's that the exam is painful for those of us afflicted with a too-small cervix. But this is the nice doctor who gives me the magical pills that make the bad things stop, and iffin I had to, I'd wrestle a honey badger for those. Hopefully that won't be some new insurance requirement; one never knows.

    Here's to hoping you all have a much less invasive day!

  4. Andi, nobody died. Given the circumstances, that was a pretty good meeting.

    Jen, I hope everything is as gentle and pain free as possible.

    Need to get a book proposal out the door today and yesterday was a wash for writing. So, it's off to the word mimes for me. I need to dig out some funny bits and jam them into the appropriate places.


  5. Still poking at the 'ware. Bleah. Better that than getting poked by an ob/gyn (or procto, in the case of us guyz). Jen, I had to laugh about the socks. Got any light blue ones?

  6. It went great, thanks guys. :) Hope you're both able to be as productive as you need to be; always seems hard to get things done on a hump day.