Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dark and Deep

Taken October 8, 2012 down in a hollow where fall takes longer to find the trees.

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  1. Unlike the woods in the picture (which was 2 weeks ago), the woods now are much light because the majority of the leaves are down.

    Sorry you aren't feeling well, Maria. Hope you are better for the weekend.

    Whoosh -- the sound of Larry speeding through 40 Acres.

    Jen, maybe you could write Jim's "Stephen King" story for NaNoMo. :)

    Howdy, Dina. Hope you are getting a dose of the warm weather that was here and in D.C. Afraid it won't last -- we're back to chilly temps on Friday.

    Glad to hear the school is taking it seriously, Janet.

  2. Feeling better, indeed and battening down hatches in prep for Hurricane Sandy - which I hope decides to move out to sea long before it hits here. Bah.

    Happy almost weekend!

  3. I've been working on an outline about a middle-aged working-class woman who's taking care of her demented mother, and after a failed corporate career in IT and amidst a presently failing second career as a stained glass artist, she gets fed up with playing by the slanted economic rules and decides to experiment with a life of crime. There's a little suspense and drama but it's more a comedy of errors.

    But then last night I got an idea that felt a lot more exciting, and seemed like more fun to write, and I actually sat up late doing half of a short outline for that. I'm trying to decide whether it really is better or it's just the novelty making it shiny and distracting, so clearly what I need is a third option, thanks Andi. ;p

    (If I were going to write Jim's idea, I'd do it as a short story and draw off the signage and his comments: the spirit that calls each diver to its death is the spirit of the last diver, and they have to call another one so they can free themselves from being trapped in the lake for eternity. The story would wrap itself around the one spirit who attempted to buck this system, and of course nearly succeeded before failing in some horrific manner designed to haunt the reader at 3am. I'd call it Whichever Is Worse, heh.)

    Best wishes to everyone!

  4. It's great that the college is looking out for Danni. Removing the creepy stalker, it's probably a good feeling to have the boys flocking around. I'm surprised a few of them haven't offered to "take care of the situation" though.

    Working at home today. I'm seriously considering taking the computer outside to the new table.

  5. Farf, because Danni didn't want or ask that of any of them. It was one of the first things I suggested and she shot it down. I think one offered to escort her around but she would have one of that.

    She's very independent.

    Jen, I'd read your grocery list. :)