Monday, October 29, 2012

Ce n'est pas une licence de chien

Taken October 19, 2012.

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  1. Here's hoping all of you in Sandy's path stay safe, dry and powered. Right now, the only thing that's even close to good news is that my niece doesn't live in the area that NYC's is evacuating.

  2. Lovely puppy accouterment!

    I'm staying indoors for the duration, grumpy that my boss has *not* seen fit to close the office today (but did pre-approve working from home). The ENTIRE city is closed, including all transportation, Federal govt, local govt., etc. I think 1 day wouldn't kill us. Le sigh. So I'll work from home today and be grumpy about it.

    Waiting for the worst from Sandy...

  3. Aww, there's a happy pooch.

    Maria, fire your boss and put on your floaty water-wings!

    One of the weather nerds gave 50-50 odds yesterday that the storm surge is going to flood the NYC subway tunnels, and Norcross says there will be 10-20 foot waves (over and above the surge and the tide) coming at the south face of Long Island. Native Floridians are typically bored by a cat-1 storm, but boy am I glad I'm not on the coast for this thing.

    Best wishes to you all, stay safe!

  4. Still have power here so I am happy. But tomorrow is supposed to be much worse.

    Maria, I am glad you are staying home. Not a day to be around and about. We already have a state of emergency in NJ. And Christie had to thank Obama! Made my day.

  5. Speaking of New Jersey.... My husband is going to go The Boss with my co-worker. They asked me but I KNEW Wayne would enjoy it a teensy bit more and they'd enjoy giong with Wayne, too. So it's settled. And... suck it Christie, The Boss doesn't like you. :D

    Hoooray Giants!!!!! World Series Champs AGAIN. Found out about the Sweep while in line at the Season Ticket Holder Party for the Winterhawks. Several were oggling Danni. She looked lovely last night. Hawks won Tri City 6 - 0 and it was great getting all their autographs and kids got their photos with them.

    Heard in line: That Sandy and global warming was nothing but a hoax BUT that it was all Obama's fault. I had to turn in line and tell that person to STFU. They totally backed down. Nothing but cowards. Just got to point them out in public like that. Point, laugh and tell to shut up. Seems to work.

    But heard in all the lines several saying how they weren't voting for Obama or Romney. Seems kinda split that people were voting for Obama because they HATED Romeny or people weren't going to vote at all or do write ins. Lots of talk about "better get what's coming to me" by the old folks who seemed to care more about getting their entitlements and not caring about the younger generation. People in general suck. :)

    Stay safe from the non-hurricane happening which is Obama's fault.... scratches head over that one....

  6. What a natural model that chien is :)

    Sandy. One part of me is worried for all my family and friends (flesh and virtual) on the east coast. The other half of me is already tired of hearing about it and wondering (as I always do) why New Yorkers assume that the rest of the world is as fascinated by what happens to them as they are. So I end up sort of wishing that the worst hits them because if I have to hear about it, it might as well be a really good story. Evil of me, I know.

  7. Sadly "Disaster Porn" is a huge hit in this country.