Monday, October 8, 2012

Bebo Ponders Achieving the Zen of Zen Sniff

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  1. Welcome back home, Janet. Very exciting news about your going back to school.

    You could always come visit Brown County, Beth. I'm guessing peak color will be within two weeks. But quite a few trees (especially the maples) are already changing so I'll have plenty color for you here at the blog.

  2. One of the trees in our front yard colored roughly a third of its leaves overnight. For those in the know, does this indicate anything about winter? Our exterminator is convinced that we're going to have blizzard conditions from November to April and I really need him to be wrong, heh.

  3. I would like a winter cold enough to kill off a lot of insects. This was one of the buggiest summers I can ever remember. We had a tulip-tree scale infestation that looks like it killed a number of our tulip-trees. The mosquitos and chiggers chewed me up every time I worked outside. Hornets buzzed around our house way more than I liked.

    Andi's hoping for some snow an ice. Her 91 year-old mom is still driving, but since she moved her car is now parked outside. Andi figures that one winter of having her car encased in an Indiana glacier may convince her that her apartment's transportation services are nicer than the car.

    Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

  4. I think Bebo needs flowers instead of stairsteps to achieve Zen.

    In several of the last five years or so, our peak color has been in November. The climate in the NC mountains is more up-north, but leaves are only just starting to turn. The forecast 35F lows ended up closer to 40F, but Mom & Wicked Stepfather are getting ready to go back to FL. I think we're going to get a more typical winter on Planet Georgia than we did last year, the Endless November can't be permanent. (And of course, that will give aid and comfort to the global warning deniers, but they live in their own delusional bubble anyway.)

  5. The Bebo and Sniff Sutras :)

    I know most think of only the Kama Sutras... but I'm about to delve into the Yoga Sutras. I think Bebo and Sniff could write their own children's picture book of Zen Sutras. Would probably sell like hotcakes. Especially if you made it downloadable...

    I saw a little toddler trying to poke then "page swipe" a magazine. The parents then handed her their phone and she went right to task with getting her little story ap.