Monday, September 3, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders Laboring at Not Laboring

Taken August 10, 2012.

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  1. Wedding was lovely. We're on our way home. Hope everyone who celebrates Labor Day has a fine one.

  2. Yay for a nice wedding party, and safe travels home to the Fs and ancestor.

    So, this menopause-related insomnia, at what point in the process does this stale hell stop? I can live with the night-sweats even though they are worse than that solar superflare that burned the entire surface of the planet in that one Nic Cage movie, but I've been awake since THREE, and all of the movies on my tv, like that one Nic Cage movie, are of insufficient quality for these repeated 3am wakings.

  3. Sometimes, slacking is just too much work.

    Yay Andi! What a trooper of a mom, 90yo and riding all the way to NYC. Glad to hear the wedding went off wonderfully and you're all headin' home. I think you missed the heaviest rain that you were supposed to get…

    Janet, loved the pics. Especially the duck. I think your car is a similar vintage as mine (mine's a '95), so at least I know I can carry the silly thing around. The top of the car is pretty scuffed already, so I'd probably just throw a blanket over it and call it good.

    Jen, can't help you much there, even second-hand. Wife had a partial hysterectomy & that bypassed most of the menopause stuff. Sorry. I sweat like a pig much of the summer, and just deal with it. As far as Nic Cage movies go, I figured you'd identify most with Ghost Rider because he's on fire for much of it. :-P

    I finished typing in all the vacation writing for Pickups and Pestilence last night, and it turned out to be pretty much everything. But as I observed on Twitter, typing "THE END" isn't the end of anything, least of all the story you just "finished." I do know of a couple scenes I have to add that haven't been written yet, and my editor's edits say I tend to be a little telegraphic when I write, so that 73,000 word count will likely be closer to 80,000 when I hit Upload. And then the good people of Laurel Hills started telling me about a THIRD book. But that can wait, since it's a spinoff. I'll plot it out and let it simmer on the back burner while I tend to other things that have patiently waited their turns…

  4. Happy holiday, all. Hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying. Except Jen who I hope is sound asleep.

  5. Hope you're all having a great day off; the sun has actually come out here today - and the kids go back to school tomorrow. T'was ever thus!

    Jen, I was on HRT and loved it. I'd go on it again at the drop of a hat if they could guarantee it was (a) completely safe and (b) wouldn't make me put on 20lbs!

    I'm soooooooooooooo excited - we're doing the sums and looking into hotels and trips abnd things with a view to going to the US next year, so I can go to Malice Domestic. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes that it'll come off!

  6. 20 years ago today, I went into Labor with Wesley.