Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wedding Bouquet

For my niece Marlo on her wedding day this Sunday

Taken August 9, 2012.

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  1. Greetings from the survivor of a 14 drive with a 90-year-old mother in the car.

    Happy weekend to all.

  2. Andi - you are a goddess! ::g::

    Happy September, all - may the month bring cooler weather and many lovely things.

    I'm going to spend the day vegging.

  3. Wow, that's like having TWO 45-yo mothers. (Or maybe not.) Toasts to you all having a lovely time, to Marlo having a great wedding and an even better marriage.

    Me, I'm just going to lie around in the rain and breathe in the wonderful smell.

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  4. Going to take a picture of the car for Farf as the kayaks are on and ready to go.

    Andi and Jim, have a great time at the wedding. 14 hr drive with Mom eh? I won't ask if you pulled a Romney roof rack for the drive :)

  5. Jen, I'm with you. I just ran to the post office and Walgreens and I slowly walked through the rain from my car not caring AT ALL that I was getting wet (it wasn't pouring, just a light steady rain). So far our rains have been wonderful. Very light rain on and off all day yesterday which was great to soften up the ground a little. Then harder steady rain with many breaks last night. Some sun this morning and now back to light steady rain. The trees are happy, they look like they are dancing in the light wind and the grass turns greener by the moment.

    Andi, I'm glad your mom could make the wedding and you and Jim are wonderful for driving her. I'm picturing a wedding cake made completely of cupcakes ...

    Since it is to rain all afternoon, my sister and I are going to go have a cream tea at The London Tea Room downtown and pretend we are in London ;)

  6. Hi, all. Here's to desirable weather all around, be it rain, snow, cold or hot!

    Andi, good on you! Couldn't have been easy.

    Happy Saturday, all.

  7. Hi all. Mom is surviving the trip and we are surviving been on the trip with her. Pretty good time being had by all. Very jealous of Jen's and Mary's rain, though. We were supposed to get a bunch over the weekend and I've been watching the radar; so far we've hardly received any. :(

  8. Bebo & Sniff are not unhappy that the rain is not confining them to dog houses or spending too much time under the decks.

  9. Andi, congrats on surviving the driving. I don't think I could manage that one. Lovely bouquet by the way.

    Trying to work up my enthusiasm for a run and weight session. Will see if it happens.

    Halloo to all, and to all a good day!

  10. Hello! Just hanging out. Did 8 miles yesterday on the kayak. Being on the river is very Zen-like.

    Farf, here's some shots of the kayaks on the car. It's a little Honda Civic, 2 door. But we still manage to get two 12 ft kayaks on it with a J-rack system.

    The blue kayak is mine :)

    A river friend.

  11. I've read the DKos FAQ for photos but mine still won't post in a booman diary...


    I use photobucket and normally you can just put in the blog html code straight from the site itself.

    what am I doing wrong? I can't even get into my old diaries to look at edit mode to check my errors.

  12. Nevermind... I sorta figured it out. Have a diary up at both green and orange. Hope you guys like it. :)