Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walking Round the Green

Taken August 14, 2012.

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  1. It's our 41st wedding anniversary today. I gave myself the gift of almost 8 hours of sleep (6-7 hours is my norm). Best anniversary gift ever. :)

    Welcome home, Beth. Glad you had a great time in Idaho.

    Jen, my menopause lasted much longer than the sleeping problems part. The night sweats, frex, lasted for years.

    As I know you're well aware, Larry, the I-want-it stage is the one that your kids/grandkids never outgrow.

    That was a really good diary, Janet. I hope the year goes well for Wes and that it leads to even better jobs.

    Howdy Dina.

    Happy day after your birthday, Maria.

  2. Happy anniversary, Fs!! How cool is that, 41 years....

    Off to Planet Georgia - the woods are calling. I guess I'll pack and move next week.....hard to pass up a few days playing - okay, working - in the woods. Will wave in your general vicinity, Larry!

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend - I'll be offline and unwired, so will check in when I get back.

  3. Happy, happy anniversary, you two!! May your next 41 be awesome.

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes.

    Safe travels, Beth.

    Off to the mimes in a bit.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. my menopause lasted much longer than the sleeping problems part

    Thank you so much for telling me this, it's the best news I've heard since someone floated the theory that the Mayan words for "long count" just mean "flip the page and start counting again".

    Happy Anniversary to my favorite Fs, and a good day to all.

  5. Happy annie, Andi & Jim!

    And now, I must be off to the mimes.

  6. Happy Anniversary Andi and Jim. xoxo

  7. Happy anniversary Andi and Jim!

    Jen, because of the celiac, Laura's been having a sort of pseudo menopause for a couple of years now with hot flashes and insomnia but even worse cramps etc than when she was in her teens. You have my very deep sympathies.

  8. Happy HAPPY anniversary F's! Is this the annual occasion of the great feast at your friend's restaurant?

  9. Thanks Kelly. My sympathies to Laura as well.

    One of the only good things that came out of my getting the autoimmune disease that disabled me was that instantly, my previously cripplingly painful periods became painless for years. This was due to the neurological damage and it also prevented me from walking, and then as walking stability returned, so did the menstrual pain. I couldn't tolerate the high dose/triphasic birth control pills from back in the day but fortunately there are low dose options now, along with monophasic & biphasic options, and I am only telling you period stories because nobody told me that the low dose pills worked for women who couldn't take the high dose pills, and maybe no one told Laura either. I'm now taking Microgestin continuously (skipping the faux period week) until "real" menopause takes over, I haven't had a period or a side effect for two solid years, and it is, with apologies to all of my romantic partners, the best thing that ever happened to my vagina. Seriously, not only is there no pain AND no periods, but it also feels like my body belongs to me again for the first time since I was 12 and this whole nightmare started, lol, so I really hope this is a thing Laura can explore with her doctor.