Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sun Down Over New York

Taken September 1, 2012.

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  1. Maria, my iPhone arrived yesterday and after some iOS 6 and iTunes strum & drang everything seems to be back to normal.

  2. Don't want to make you jealous or anything, Jen, but that photo was taken through the windshield while kneeling on the console between the front seats (I was in the back seat).

    Lovely that New Jersey provided that photogenic moon, Dina. :)

    Go W & W, Janet!

    You would've liked the summer here, Larry. The drought and heat had a bad effect on spiders -- I've never seen so few webs.

    Sounds like you've got some great trips to look forward to, Maria.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Jim, glad you got your phone. I'll probably upgrade in a bit - after all the furor has died down. So far iOS 6 seems to be fine on my iPhone 4.

    Spending a quiet, lazy day today after my after my jam-packed yesterday. Though, I did have to reschedule the cat sitter meeting to tonight, since I ended up spending nearly 4 hours in the salon. Evidently, all the meds have made my hair horribly dry, so the lovely folks at the salon gave me a deep conditioning treatment on top of all the rest of the cut/color process. Final result is yay - I'm back to being a spiky haired in a color not actually found in nature, except for some flora. ::g:: Feels like I'm getting back to my old self again.

    Happy Saturday, everyone!

  4. Andi, I could tell it was that kind of shot which is why I was so impressed! Although today's is lovely too. :)

    Happy weekend to all.

  5. The Hawks lost 2 - 5. Seattle's goalie was hot and stopped 55 out of 57 shots! Some calls and no-calls were not so hot. Next time I see that particular ref in my store (he's a wine vendor) I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. In the first period , the T-Birds were being outshot 30 to 2. We also had a goal called back due to interference. Which last night meant a Tbird throwing one of our guys into the net... after the puck went in. Wayne had to tell an idiotic blowhard to "read the rule book will ya". Shut that loud troll right up. Got to see Pierre Turgeon's son play.

    But we have another hot #27, a Dane called Bjorkstrand. He's built and skates just like Bartsch!!. Lots of new names and we still have Ty Rattie who was good last night. Was great to see the new kids.

    They screwed up and accidentally sold Wes' comped seat which will be next to our two seats. So Wes sat down a row and 8 seats over. Right between two couples. When I first looked over, I thought the girl was a Taylor Swift look alike. Swift with a back shoulder tattoo. They were dancing for the jumbo tron and Wes was talking to her the whole time and pointing out what was going on.

    I met her after the game and she was truly stoked about having Wes as a seatmate. She had no idea he was autistic, as she said, "I just thought he was Canadian or something". Her boyfriend was friendly and grateful as it was his first game, too. She continued to hug Wes and such. Her BF shooked Wes' hand.

    So learn all you can about hockey, you never know when or how your knowledge will be helpful for a beautiful girl. :)

    Next week I'll be down in San Jose and San Francisco with my best friend and my hockey family. I screwed up... I set myself up to leave a day before my 23rd wedding anniversary. Oh oh. LOL

  6. I should add: Wesley is a big fan of Taylor Swift. Huge! He rode his bike all the way into Portland just to see her tour bus when she was here last. (couldn't get a tix) Maybe now he can since he has connections to the Rose Garden :)

    So Wes was having a ball last night :)

  7. Pssst hey women guess what! We have Super Penis Shrinking Powers according to Flush.

    "I have a story, it's from Philadelphia, CBS News, CBS Eyeball News. "If size matters, male private parts are shrinking, according to a new Italian study on sexuality. [...] The study’s leaders claim to have bona fide research that says the average size of a penis is roughly 10 percent smaller than it was 50 years ago." And the researchers say air pollution is why. Air pollution, global warming, has been shown to negatively impact penis size, say Italian researchers.

    I don't buy this. I think it's feminism. If it's tied to the last 50 years, the average size of a member is 10% smaller in 50 years, it has to be the feminazis. I mean, the chickification, everything else. Give 'em time and they'll blame Bush. Give 'em time. But air pollution versus feminazis?" Rush Limbaugh

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    When will the GOP start wanting to pass a bill declaring that all species with a vagina are terrorists?

    Also what I don't get is why Romney's son, Tagg, can have a contract with a surrogate mother of his child which claims that he can abort the baby or babies of his own will. Even if they baby or babies don't post any threat to the mother??? But we women have to carry a pregnancy to full term even if it could kill us or even after a rape?

    I really HATE Rapepublicans and their hypocrisy and myths

  8. It was a good ride today.

    Being a disorganized person as well as bike rider, I do one organized bike ride each year - the Hope Ride. It supports the Hope, IN food bank, takes us through beautiful Indiana farm country, and provides wonderful homemade cookies at the rest stops. The temp at the start of the ride was chilly - about 50°F; at the end it was in the mid 60s. The wind was calm at the start and strong from whatever direction I was riding into at the end. The few car drivers that were on the roads with 2,000 bicyclists were friendly, patient, and gave us wide berth. I'm hoping for a few more rides before the weather tells me it's time to hang up the bike for the year and switch to ice skates, but I'll be happily surprised if any are as pleasant as today's.

  9. Bikes, food banks and skating... Jim, I think you and Wayne would hit it off super!

    Oh and he likes big dogs and green forests. :)

    Got my anger out on the river today.

  10. Boy, I had no idea I'd been gone that long. Life has been nuts - first a week in Idaho, then 4 days in Georgia, then I packed and moved and unpacked for a week, then my laptop died. It was in the shop for 4 days - got it back last night. They had to replace the processor, so everything was wiped. I've spent hours reinstalling programs, transferring docs from my external hard drive back to the laptop - and trying to get back to work, since I haven't done much of it during those 3 weeks...

    Watching football now, and trying to find the blogs I follow. Didn't think about those settings when I backed up my laptop, sigh.

    Anyway, sounds like all have been busy while I was gone. Hope everyone is happy and healthy, and enjoying the start of fall.

    Sending hugs to all.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  11. Yay for hair that makes you go yay, Maria.

    You'll be even more impressed, Jen, when I tell you I also took the shot(s) having to ingore Jim's yelling at me to sit back down and put my seatbelt on. ;)

    Janet, it's wonderful that the river is so good for you -- body and soul.

    Welcome back, Beth. Happy that you been enjoyable places, glad that you have finished moving, and bummed about your laptop.

  12. Nice shot, love the framing in this one.

    I feel like I should be doing something else right now, that doesn't involve farting around on blogs. Mason's asleep, and the wife is not here, so I really don't care! Actually, I was thinking about starting the Mac mini in Mason's room, loading a voice chat proggie, and taking myself out to the patio. Expensive Infant Monitor.

    Oh, I remember. I'm going to do a Mason photoblog post right after I post this. Look for it shortly.