Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still and Stiller

Taken August 17, 2012

Taken August 22, 2012.
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  1. Andi, you've been uncharacteristically quiet lately, you feeling okay? Hope you're just tired from all the moving & cleaning work.

    Based on recent happenings around the internet and my home environment I'm starting to think that Apple products should be re-classified as a controlled substance.

    And since I finally managed to get some sleep last night I'm still in that floaty dreamy associative mindspace, so now I just want apple pie. Which sounds like a pretty good plan for a Saturday and the season's first batch of semi-tart honeycrisps. :)

    Best wishes to everyone!

  2. Not to worry, Jen -- I'm fine. I'm just bringing my inability to talk on a phone to the blog. ;)

  3. Hi Dina.

    I have some news but it isn't mine, it's Janet's (she mentioned it at another site). Wes got a job again with the Winterhawks hockey team.

  4. Yay Wes!

    News here is a little more stressful. E went into the ER yesterday directly from work and was admitted to the cardiac unit again on the possibility that she may have had a mild heart attack. EKG has not been helpful but there have been some insufficiency issues in family members with that particular diagnostic tool in the past. Heart trouble history in the family is quite serious and E is now a couple years older than her father was when he had his first heart attack.

    The next step is a cardiac catheterization procedure. Yesterday the doc said they'd need to wait a week to do it because of some other medical/medication issues she has that complicate things, and there was talk of sending her home to wait out the week if she did well overnight, so we'll see what they say today.

    Hope all of you are well as can be.

  5. Wow, nice hummingbird shot there!!

    Yay for Wes getting re-hired! I'm sure that's a big boost for him.

    Jan, sucks to hear about E. I hope she's OK & can come home soon.

    I may have some news shortly. Cool stuff, way forward, blah yap blah. :-P

  6. Thinking good thoughts about E and hoping she does get to come home, Jen.

    Eagerly waiting for your good stuff, Larry.

  7. Jen, I am sending LOADS of good thoughts about E and like Andi, I hope she does get to come home to wait. Scary stuff.

    Been busy today but managed to watch my itunes subscription to Doctor Who from last night. I loved that episode - maybe my favorite episode in two years. Worked as well as a Western as it did as a Doctor Who episode. Loved the writing, acting but especially the beautiful work behind the camera. Looking forward to next week ... the beginning of the Fall of the Ponds.