Thursday, September 13, 2012

Really Bad Hair Day

Taken , 2012.

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  1. Apparently, Jen, our last a/c was made of teapots because it lasted 22 years.

    Good luck with the move, Beth. Hope the new place turns out to be a good place to build a nest. I'd probably leave the gecko alone -- think how grateful the new residents will be to have a bug exterminator in place. :)

    Cool collection, Maria. (By the way, your link didn't get me there but this one did.

    Hope you had a pleasant time with your friend, Dina.

    I was once in a very small town in Iowa for work, Larry, and pulled into the only restaurant in town to find I had the only vehicle that both wasn't a pickup and didn't have a gun rack in the back window. Maybe that was start of the Truckalypse. ;)

  2. Bad hair day!!?? Oh yeah, buddy. My hair needs cutting desperately. I think I resemble today's pic. ::g::

    Oh, drat - thanks for correcting the link, Andi. I changed the album title, which invalidated the 1st link - who knew?

    Caffeine induced insomnia last night - d'oh. But I couldn't pass up that lovely (and free!) pumpkin spice latte. It's one of the signs of fall and fits right in with the most awesome weather we've been having.

    More busy mimes today/tomorrow and then a short weekend for me.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I got sick of bad hair days and shaved mine back down to 1/2 inch again. Love it like this, it is so easy.

    Wow Andi, 22 years is virtual immortality for an a/c unit, it must have been made of teapot!

    Larry, we probably paid too much but you know what they say about speed, quality and low price -- pick the two that matter most 'cause you can't get all three, heh.

    Today's big task is apparently going to be soothing Wesley, who is still stressed out to the max that we had the gall to allow STRANGE MEN into HIS HOUSE.

    Best wishes to all.

  4. Hi, all. I had a great time yesterday, Andi, thanks.

    Today I took the car in for a clutch job that will cost about $2000. Ouch. Sound familiar, Maria. But at least my car is 11 years old and this will keep it going for quite some time.

    Good wishes to all in their various endeavors today!