Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Target

Taken August 15, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. Mary, the great feast is a combined birthday celebration that happens in late September/early October but we did go out last night and have an excellent feast at a Thai restaurant.

  2. Morning, gang! Today DC lives up to its swamp reputation - humidity is ridiculous! I'm so grateful for modern tech & a/c.

    We're having our second junk swap at the mimes - basically, folks bring in stuff they want to get rid off and we lay it all out in the big conference room. Anyone can come in and take stuff. What's left over will get donated to Goodwill. I saved some stuff from my purge (3 tote bags & 1 grocery pull cart full of computer cables, CDs, geek 'zines and similar). We're hoping to do this every couple of months or so. I love the idea. Though, I *must* restrain myself from bringing new stuff home!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I have already chosen Andi's birthday gift, so I am ready for feast day! :)

    It is super muggy here too. We've had fog the past couple of days, which confuses the cats and reminds me of an old Stephen King story.

    In general announcements, our water heater has given up the ghost. ::shakes angry fists of futility at the appliance gods:: So, I get to spend the day waiting on The Guy to come and fix/flush/re-light/repair/replace it, whoop-de-shit.

    Good day to the restayas, as my Gram would say.

  4. Water heaters. They suck so hard, but better that than cold showers. :-P

  5. Jen, I hope the repair guy isn't one of those bloated pussbags whose truck blares Flush Limpturd. I got a guy from Sears for our fridge, I should have tod him in the driveway to leave, but I let him in to look at the fridge. It wasn't hard to notice that he didn't like the stuff ON my fridge. He made a comment about "liberals" and I commented that he shout get the F out of my house.

    Good luck!

    Happy Anniversary Fs!!!! I don't have a prezzi but if I make it out that way, I'll make you some of my fabulous cocktails.

    As to the being out in public all the time, here's the pulse: You can reallly reallly tell who is a knuckledraggin, wimmin hatin' rapepublican supporter who is trying to find something good about RMoney and Lyan. And who is human.

    However it does concern me that once the Dems win, I think there will be a lot more The Crazy going on. Been also hearing from many about what Regulated Militia truly entails. Like continuous training, being registered with the Feds. NOT a bunch of yahoos with gunracks shootin' it up all over the place or carrying their hand guns into the supermarket.

    It's my Friday. Then off to kayak and do yoga. Yoga has been closed all week and boy does my body feel it.

  6. Hi all,

    Jen, just read your post to Laura since A) good information, B) devastatingly funny as you so often are. She said to say thank you. Been trying to figure out how best to approach it. Part of the reason I went and got snipped a couple years back was so Laura could get off the hormonal birth control, but it's starting to look like it might be time to go back.